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Deadlocked Leviathan
 'I need a gun that launches highly explosive homing mines.' Vox told his design team. The design team fought he was nuts. He probably was because he fed them all to a Leviathan.
―A narrator explaining the conception of the Hunter Mine Launcher  [Deadlocked]

A Leviathan was a four legged, three eyed, giant scorpion-like creature native to planet Sarathos. They were used as opponents in DreadZone challenges, and protected the King Leviathan. Leviathans can either fire blasts from their tails in rapid-fire bursts or a steady laser beam from a distance, and they will also swing their tails at Ratchet if he gets too close to them. They came in two colors: orange (armored Leviathans) and green (unamored Leviathans). Sometimes they would stick just their tails out a pool of green sludge and shoot lasers at Ratchet, keeping their bodies hidden and making it harder to hit them. They often have packs of Shreikers nearby ready to aid in killing Ratchet.


  • The first design team for the Hunter Mine Launcher were fed to a Leviathan by Vox after they felt he was insane for suggesting a weapon that shot highly explosive homing mines.

Behind the scenes

  • Leviathan's name is based on the identically named Leviathan, a fictional sea monster.
  • An entirely different enemy known as the Snakebeast was originally set to appear on planet Sarathos instead of the Leviathan. It was however cut due to the fact that the Snakebeast moved about upon multiple, small legs, which the developers felt was not very intimidating. This led to Snakebeast being replaced by the Leviathan, which shares the same behaviors as the cut Snakebeast.[1]



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