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Render Levitator
Price 20,000 bolts
First Available Planet Joba

The Levitator was a gadget which also was an upgrade for Clank. It worked similar to the Glider but did not steer Ratchet in the direction of the wind. It also ran on fuel, so once its tank ran out, Ratchet would fall from wherever he was hovering, be it his target or an abyss. The Levitator looked similar to the Thruster Pack, but there were still notable differences.

The Levitator was presumably created by the Blarg, as the installation instructions were in Blargian.

The Levitator could be acquired from Shady Salesman Billy on planet Joba outside the entrance of the MegaCorp Games. He acquired it from the Blarg and offered it to Ratchet and Clank for 20,000 bolts so that they could enter the MegaCorp Games arena.


If you have not obtained Clank (by making use of a first person mode wall climbing glitch), Ratchet will levitate on his own when using the Levitator.


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