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The Light-Eating Z'Grute was a rare creature unleashed by Nefarious in a last-ditch effort to defeat Ratchet, Clank, and Qwark. However, the creature instead went on a rampage throughout Luminopolis. This is a guide to defeat the monster.

Boss battle

First Battle

The first battle with the Z'Grute is quite straightfoward. Its main attack is to slam the ground, flipping the floor panels in various ways. The gang simply needs to dodge the electrified floor panels and fire at the Z'Grute. After dealing enough damage, The Z'Grute will attempt to heal itself by draining a nearby generator. The gang must focus their firepower on the generator until it explodes, damaging the Z'Grute and forcing it to flee. Failure to do so results in repeating the entire battle.

Second Battle

The Z'Grute is next encountered in front of the Zogg Tower as a boss. It's main attack is, again, to flip floor panels that he electrified. These panels will make their way towards the players, and the players had to jump over them while firing at the Z'Grute's face with their weapons. After being defeated in this battle, it still returned to attack the players as they were making their way up the tower.[1]

Final battle

In this battle the Z'Grute is draining the generator on the Lumenoid Power Plant, creating a shield around itself. To stop it, Ratchet and the gang must use the turrets on Zogg Tower to destroy the generator. They must also be careful as the Z'Grute will fire electric blasts at them. Upon destroying the generator, the Z'Grute will be flown off the generator and hang on the edge of the tower. To finish it off, the gang must fire at its face while avoiding the panels it electrifies. An alternate strategy is to simply slam on its hands. After dealing enough damage, the Z'Grute will fall of the tower, defeated.[2]

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