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Liquid Nitrogen Gun

The Liquid Nitrogen Gun

Liquid Nitrogen Gun
was the upgraded version of the Lava Gun (in UYA), that was apparently modified from the original Lava Gun by Slim Cognito. It fired a stream of liquid nitrogen that froze enemies on contact, and smashed them into little ice crystals. Larger enemies took longer to freeze (unless one had the Mega Liquid Nitrogen Gun.) The damage of the gun at V5 was 700.

It should be noted that when leveled up fully, this became one of the most powerful weapons in the game due to its constant stream which could deal massive damage. It worked on roughly everything, making it one of the more or less "lesser" Superweapons.

Due to firing Liquid Nitrogen, it presumably froze enemies at −195.79 °C.


  • The design of this weapon is the same as the Meteor Gun, where all orange parts are now colored aqua.
  • The Weapons appearance is the reverse of the Meteor Gun being used upside down.


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