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This is a list of commands that Clank could issue to Gadgebots, Microbots, or Zoni. Each command would normally sent to all active controllable robots within range of Clank, provided that they accepted that command. In a Gadgebot Survival challenge, the commands were issued to individual robots. Ratchet also at one time had the ability to use commads for his Combat Bots.


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  • Follow - Made the Gadgebots follow Clank. Command color: green.
  • Wait - Made the Gadgebots wait for Clank. Command color: yellow.
  • Enter - Made the Gadgebots enter doors or go into an area. Command color: blue.
  • Attack - Made the Gadgebots attack enemies. Command color: red.
  • Revive - Made Agency Gadgebot repair a broken Gadgebot in Secret Agent Clank only. Command color: dark blue.
  • Swing - Made a Gadgebot swing in Size Matters' Gadgebot Survival only. Command color: white.
  • Electrify - Made a Gadgebot electrify a teleporter in Size Matters' Gadgebot Survival only. Command color: turquoise.
  • Detonate - Made a Gadgebot explode in Size Matters' Gadgebot Survival only. Command color: orange.
  • Bridge - Made a Gadgebot fall from edge and make a bridge in Size Matters' Gadgebot Survival only. Command color: purple


The Microbots were MegaCorp's advancement towards Gadgebots. Along with bots similar to Gadgetron's Gadgebots. Microbots could each do a specific ability that Clank and the Gadgetbots otherwise couldn't. Similar to the Gadgebots, the Microbots had each command coordinated under its own specific color which Clank's antennae would turn into to give that specific command. All commands had their own color except for the 'salute' command which would be blue, just like the 'enter' command.

  • Follow - Made the Microbots Follow Clank. Command color: Green
  • Wait - Made the Microbots wait for Clank. Command color: Yellow
  • Enter - Made the Microbots cubes that activates doors. Command color: Blue
  • Attack - Made the Microbots attack. Command color: Red
  • Salute - Made the Microbots and salute Clank. Command color: White.
  • Build - Made a Bridgebot expand into a bridge. Command color: Purple.
  • Retract - Made a Bridgebot retract. Command color: Purple.
  • Lift - Made a Lifterbot lift a liftable object or obstruction. Command color: Orange.
  • Hammer - Made the Hammerbot hammer certain objects. Command color: Indigo.


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  • Follow - Made the Zoni follow Clank.
  • Manipulate - Made Zoni move objects with their mysterious powers.
  • Charge Up - Made the Zoni charge objects with their powers.
  • Levitate - Made Clank hover for a few seconds.

The Great Clock

  • Record - Start recording on a Time Pad
  • Exit - Exit from the Time Pad menu.
  • Eliminate - Eliminate Clank's recording in the Time Pad.
  • Eliminate All - Eliminate all Clank's recording in all of the Time Pads.
  • Hint - Give Clank a hint to how he could resolve the puzzle.
  • Bypass - Allows Clank to bypass the current puzzle. Available the next thime you are completing a sector.

DreadZone Combat Bots

  • Capture Node - Made a Combat Bot use its wrench to capture a node.
  • EMP Blast - Made a Combat Bot throw an EMP to disable forcefields.
  • Regroup - Made a Combat Bot teleport to where Ratchet was.
  • Revive - Made a fallen Combat Bot replenish its health after being defeated.
  • Hacker Ray - Made a Combat Bot use the Hacker Ray on a Hacker Orb in order to shut down barriers that block an entrance
  • Grind Cable - Made a Combat Bot deploy a Grind Cable so Ratchet can use his Grind Boots to get to the other side.
  • Destroy - Made a Combat Bot deploy a time bomb on a statue so that the statue could be blown up within a matter of time.


  • It's possible that levitating was Clank's own power like slowing time since he did not need the Zoni present to use it or, the Zoni may have permanently given it to him.
  • In Ratchet: Deadlocked, Ratchet could control the Combat bots in a similar fashion to the way Clank could control the Zoni with the use of sound.


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