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There are numerous foods seen to be eaten in the Ratchet & Clank series.

Number 7 value meal

Fast food

Two customers attempting to hear the #7 value meal during a planet-wide announcement from Vorn

The #7 value meal was a meal option that could be ordered at the Qwark themed drive-through at the Kyzil Plateau on Veldin.[1]


Bacon was an edible substance consisting of the back and sides of a pig. It appears in Secret Agent Clank due to the usage of the Pork Bomb Gun.


Otto's banana

Otto Destruct enjoying bananas with Skrunch

Banana was a fruit commonly found in the Solana galaxy. While used as food, they also served as ammunition for the Banana-Guided Autonomous Monkey Device. Skrunch was known for his love for bananas. Qwark was also seen eating a banana in his cage on the Starship Phoenix. Clank kept a banana that Sigmund gave him in his radiator core. The Amoeboid Rotten Banana Reggie was named after bananas.



A Bratwurst is a type of sausage. Helga once compared Qwark to one in his vid-comic series after he had gained weight, calling him a "giant-green bratwurst."

Breakfast Burrito

Interesting fact folks, DreadZone started out with two guys fighting over a Breakfast Burrito, and the rest is history!
Dallas Wanamaker on DreadZone's creation.  [Deadlocked]

A Breakfast Burrito was a Burrito designed to be eaten during breakfast time. Breakfast Burritos played a major role in the creation of DreadZone, and possibly the largest, as Gleeman Vox was inspired to make DreadZone after witnessing two guys fight over a Breakfast Burrito, with the rest "being history", according to Dallas Wanamaker.


That was easy. Come on, let's get a burger.
―A Thug after killing Ratchet.  [ItN]

A burger was a type of food commonly eaten by some Thugs.[2] It is assumed that Galaxy Burger made and distributed them.

A burger is sometimes mentioned in a quote in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus if Ratchet is killed by Thugs.[2]


Dual Gingerbread cake


The Dual Gingerbread cake

The Dual Gingerbread cake was a cake sent to Ratchet by Clank when he was in prison. It contained the Dual Lacerators hidden inside it.[3]

Bee Mine cake

Bee Mine Cake

The Bee Mine cake

The Bee Mine cake was a cake that Clank sent to Ratchet during his imprisonment in Prison Planet. It contained the Bee Mine Mk. II.

Plasma Whipcream cake

Plasma Whipcream cake

The Plasma Whip Cake

The Plasma Whipcream cake was a cake sent to Ratchet by Clank when Ratchet was in prison. The cake had the Plasma Whip hidden inside.[4]

Tiramisu Launcher cake

Mine Launcher Cake

Tircmisu Launcher cake

The Tiramisu Launcher cake was a cake that had the Mine Launcher hidden in it.[5] It was sent to Ratchet by Clank, in order to help him survive in prison. Clank had to purchase this weapon for Ratchet before sending it.

Shock Rocket cake

Shock Rocket Cake

The Shock Rocket Cake

The Shock Rocket Cake was a cake that had the Shock Rocket hidden in it. It was sent to Ratchet by Clank, in order to help him survive in prison. Clank had to purchase this weapon for Ratchet before sending it.

Pineapple Upside Down RYNO cake

Image needed qwark "Now it's your chance to become a hero!"

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The Pineapple Upside Down RYNO cake was a cake sent to Ratchet, when he was in prison, from Clank that had the RYNO hidden in it.[6]


Several different cereals are featured in the series.

Battle O's

Concept Art - Director “Cut!”

The subject of this page was cut from one or more materials and therefore is not part of the Ratchet & Clank franchise.

Gleeman Vox concept art

Gleeman Vox showing a hologram of Battle O's

Battle O's was a brand of cereal produced by DreadZone. It was cut from Ratchet: Deadlocked.

Frosted Qwark-E-Os

…brought to you by Frosted Qwark-E-Os! Now with sugar coated sugar, mmmmm."
―Qwark  [A4O]
Qwark With Cereal

Qwark possibly holding the Frosted Qwark-E-Os

Frosted Qwark-E-Os were a brand of cereal endorsed by Qwark and named after him. A short time later they came with sugar coated sugar.

This could possibly have been the cereal Qwark was holding at the start of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, due to the box having Captain Qwark on it.

Ratchet & Clank cereal

Endorsement Deals - Ratchet Clank Cereal

Ratchet & Clank cereal being eaten by Qwark

Ratchet & Clank cereal was an endorsment deal by MegaCorp Qwark was shown eating it.

Ratchet Breakfast Cereal

Ratchet breakfast cereal

Ratchet breakfast cereal

Ratchet Breakfast Cereal was one of the items of merchandise that Vox would have made if Ratchet had become the Exterminator leader.


Dallas, turn that music down or there'll be no choco-tarts for breakfast!
Dallas imitating what his mother might say. [source needed]

A choco-tart was an item of food that could be eaten for breakfast.[7]

Choochi Bar

Choochi Bars were food in the Bogon Galaxy. The Thugs-4-Less Thugs were known to keep choochi bars in their cafeteria and the Leader stated that someone had been stealing them all.

Drophy Stew

Recipe for drophyd stew

Recipe for Drophyd Stew

Drophyd Stew was a common delicacy of numerous races, and consisted of a Drophyd in a stew. The Drophyds would clearly not be to keen on this, and fates like this might have possibly been another reason they joined Tachyon's Empire to prevent such fates from occurring. It's known the Tharpods were eating them, because Dr. Croid had a Drophyd Stew recipe in one of his safes.


Grapes were seen on the hats of Hawker dancers in Secret Agent Clank.

Jabo Sandwich

The Jabo Sandwich was a specialty on Novalis.[8]

Krull Cobbler

Krull Cobbler was a food made from Krull, which were fished for on planet Igliak. It could be bought cheap at a place in the Breegus Star Cluster.[9]


Pancakes were a type of food.[10] It was stated in Ratchet & Clank: Issue 5: Multiple Organisms that Ratchet once almost tried to make pancakes using a GrummelNet Flux Compression Generator.[10]


Popcorn was a food popular among the Agorians and was commonly eaten while they watched arena battles in the Agorian Battleplex. Everyone who took part in Kick Your Best Friend in the Pants Day received free popcorn according to DreadZone commentator Dallas Wanamaker.

Ratchet Breath Mints

Ratchet Breath Mints were mints that Vox would have sold if Ratchet had become the Exterminator leader.

Robot Chicken

Robot Chickens where a species that lived in the Bogon Galaxy, it is unlikely they where related to the Chickenbots. Robot Chickens were offered as food in the Thug Prison.

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