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This is a list of weapons in the Ratchet & Clank series.

Ratchet & Clank

Normal Weapons Gold Weapons
Bomb Glove Gold Bomb Glove
Pyrocitor Gold Pyrocitor
Blaster Gold Blaster
Agents of Doom Gold Glove of Doom
Mine Glove Gold Mine Glove
Suck Cannon Gold Suck Cannon
Taunter -
R.Y.N.O. -
Devastator Gold Devastator
Walloper -
Visibomb Gun -
Decoy Glove Gold Decoy Glove
Drone Device -
Tesla Claw Gold Tesla Claw
Morph-O-Ray Gold Morph-O-Ray
Revolverator (cut content) -
OmniWrench 8000
Wrench replacement
Mackerel 1000 (cut content)

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Normal Weapons Weapon Upgrades Mega Weapons Ultra Weapons
Blitz Gun Blitz Cannon Mega Blitz Cannon Ultra Blitz Cannon
Bomb Glove - Mega Bomb Glove -
Bouncer Heavy Bouncer Mega Heavy Bouncer Ultra Heavy Bouncer
Chopper Multi-Star Mega Multi-Star Ultra Multi-Star
Clank Zapper Clank Shocker - -
Decoy Glove - Mega Decoy -
Gravity Bomb Mini-Nuke Mega Mini-Nuke Ultra Mini-Nuke
Hoverbomb Gun Tetrabomb Gun Mega Tetrabomb Gun Ultra Tetrabomb Gun
Lancer Heavy Lancer Mega Heavy Lancer Ultra Heavy Lancer
Lava Gun Meteor Gun Mega Meteor Gun Ultra Meteor Gun
Minirocket Tube Megarocket Cannon Mega Mega Rocket Ultra Mega Rocket
Miniturret Glove Megaturret Glove Mega Megaturret Ultra Megaturret
Plasma Coil Plasma Storm Mega Plasma Storm Ultra Plasma Storm
Pulse Rifle Vaporizer Mega Vaporizer Ultra Vaporizer
RYNO II - - -
Seeker Gun HK22 Gun Mega HK22 Gun Ultra HK22 Gun
Sheepinator Black Sheepinator - -
Shield Charger Tesla Barrier Mega Tesla Barrier Ultra Tesla Barrier
Spiderbot Glove Tankbot Glove Mega Tankbot Glove Ultra Tankbot Glove
Synthenoid Kilonoid
Ultranoid (cut content)
Mega Kilonoid Ultra Kilonoid
Tesla Claw - Mega Tesla Claw -
Visibomb Gun - Mega Visibomb -
Walloper - Mega Walloper -
Zodiac - - -
Fireboots (cut content) - - -
Laser Linked Mines (cut content) - - -

Wrench Wrench Upgrade

Wrench Upgrade

OmniWrench 8000 OmniWrench 10000 OmniWrench 12000

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Normal Weapons V5 Weapons Mega Weapons Giga Weapons Omega Weapons
Agents of Doom Agents of Dread Mega Agents of Dread Giga Agents of Dread Omega Agents of Dread
Annihilator Decimator Mega Decimator Giga Decimator Omega Decimator
Bouncer Heavy Bouncer Mega Heavy Bouncer Giga Heavy Bouncer Omega Heavy Bouncer
Disc Blade Gun Multi-Disc Gun Mega Multi-Disc Gun Giga Multi-Disc Gun Omega Multi-Disc Gun
Flux Rifle Splitter Rifle Mega Splitter Rifle Giga Splitter Rifle Omega Splitter Rifle
Holoshield Glove Ultrashield Launcher Mega Ultrashield Launcher Giga Ultrashield Launcher Omega Ultrashield Launcher
Infector Infecto Bomb Mega Infecto Bomb Giga Infecto Bomb Omega Infecto Bomb
Lava Gun Liquid Nitrogen Gun Mega Liquid Nitrogen Gun Giga Liquid Nitrogen Gun Omega Liquid Nitrogen Gun
Miniturret Glove Megaturret Glove Mega Megaturret Glove Giga Megaturret Glove Omega Megaturret Glove
N60 Storm N90 Hurricane Mega N90 Hurricane Giga N90 Hurricane Omega N90 Hurricane
Nitro Launcher Nitro Eruptor Mega Nitro Eruptor Giga Nitro Eruptor Omega Nitro Eruptor
Plasma Coil Plasma Storm Mega Plasma Storm Giga Plasma Storm Omega Plasma Storm
Plasma Whip Quantum Whip Mega Quantum Whip Giga Quantum Whip Omega Quantum Whip
Qwack-O-Ray Qwack-O-Blitzer Mega Qwack-O-Blitzer Giga Qwack-O-Blitzer Omega Qwack-O-Blitzer
Rift Inducer Rift Ripper Mega Rift Ripper Giga Rift Ripper Omega Rift Ripper
Shield Charger Tesla Barrier Mega Tesla Barrier Giga Tesla Barrier Omega Tesla Barrier
Shock Blaster Shock Cannon Mega Shock Cannon Giga Shock Cannon Omega Shock Cannon
Spitting Hydra Tempest Mega Tempest Giga Tempest Omega Tempest
Suck Cannon Vortex Cannon Mega Vortex Cannon Giga Vortex Cannon Omega Vortex Cannon

OmniWrench 12000
Wrench replacement
Double-Bladed Laser Sword

Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile

Gravity Bomb
Mini Rocket
Circuit Jammer


Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Normal Weapons Lv. 4 Weapons Titan Weapons
Acid Bomb Glove Acid Detonator Titan Acid Detonator
Agents of Doom Agents of Dread Titan Agents of Dread
Bee Mine Glove Killer Bee Mine Titan Killer Bee Mine
Concussion Gun Concussion Cannon Titan Concussion Cannon
Lacerator Dual Lacerators Titan Dual Lacerators
Laser Tracer Optical Maser Array Titan Optical Maser Array
Mootator Armoogeddon Titan Armoogeddon
Scorcher Incinerator Titan Incinerator
Shock Rocket Electro Rocket Titan Electro Rocket
Sniper Mine Deadeye Mine Titan Deadeye Mine
Static Barrier Repulsor Field Titan Repulsor Field
Suck Cannon Vortex Cannon Titan Vortex Cannon

OmniWrench 10K

Ratchet: Deadlocked


Normal Weapons V10 Weapons Mega Weapons
B6-Obliterator B11-Vaporizer Mega B11-Vaporizer
Dual Vipers Dual Raptors Mega Dual Raptors
The Raptor (cut content)
Fusion Rifle Anti-Matter Rifle Mega Anti-Matter Rifle
Holoshield Launcher Omni-shield Launcher Mega Omni-shield Launcher
Hunter Mine Launcher Stalker Mine Launcher Mega Stalker Mine Launcher
Magma Cannon Vulcan Cannon Mega Vulcan Cannon
Mini Turret Launcher Quasar Turret Launcher Mega Quasar Turret Launcher
Scorpion Flail Leviathan Flail Mega Leviathan Flail
The Arbiter The Silencer Mega Silencer
The Harbinger SuperNova Mega SuperNova

Wrench Wrench Upgrade Wrench Upgrade Wrench Upgrade Wrench Upgrade Wrench Upgrade Wrench Upgrade Wrench Upgrade
Versa-Wrench Lite Versa-Wrench Multicore Versa-Wrench Striker Fission Lance Obsidian Blade Obsidian Blade V2 Obsidian Blade V3 Obsidian Blade X
Wrench replacement
Ninja Sword

Combat Bots

Weapons Weapon Upgrades
Alpha Ravager Beta Ravager
Bogo -
Pistol Flux LX -
Range Warrior -

Secret Agent Clank


Normal Weapons Lv. 4 Weapons Proto Weapons
Blowtorch Briefcase Hellfire Haversack Proto Hellfire Haversack
Cufflink Bomb Wrist Mortar Proto Wrist Mortar
Holo-Knuckles Hardlight Fist Proto Hardlight Fist
Tanglevine Carnation Kudzu Tangle Proto Kudzu Tangle
Tie-A-Rang Whirlwind Throwtie Proto Whirlwind Throwtie
ThunderStorm Umbrella Lightning Rod Proto Lightning Rod


Normal Weapons Lv. 4 Weapons Titan Weapons
Bee Mine Mk. II Killer Bee Mine Mk. II Titan Killer Bee Mine Mk. II
Dual Lacerators Dual Vindicators Titan Dual Vindicators
Mine Launcher Ordnance Launcher Titan Ordnance Launcher
Plasma Whip Plasma Cord Titan Plasma Cord
Pork Bomb Gun Meat Mortar Titan Meat Mortar
Shard Gun Shard Cannon Titan Shard Cannon
Shock Rocket Shock Barrage Titan Shock Barrage
Walloper Marauder Titan Marauder

OmniWrench 10K

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Normal Weapons V5 Weapons Omega Weapons
Combuster Magma Combuster Omega Magma Combuster
Fusion Grenade Fusion Bomb Omega Fusion Bomb
Plasma Beasts Plasma Stalkers Omega Plasma Stalkers
Tornado Launcher Tempest Launcher Omega Tempest Launcher
Shock Ravager Lightning Ravager Omega Lightning Ravager
Predator Launcher Raptor Launcher Omega Raptor Launcher
Shard Reaper Nitro Reaper Omega Nitro Reaper
Buzz Blades Doom Blades Omega Doom Blades
Nano-Swarmers Toxic Swarmers Omega Toxic Swarmers
Alpha Disruptor Alpha Cannon Omega Alpha Cannon
Pyro Blaster Incinerator Omega Incinerator
Negotiator Judicator Omega Judicator
Razor Claws Shredder Claws Omega Shredder Claws
Mag-Net Launcher Mag-Net Cannon Omega-Net Cannon
RYNO IV RYNO IV Extreme Omega RYNO 4-Ever
Pirate Bomb Device (cut content) - -
OmniWrench 3000
Wrench replacement

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

V3 Weapons V5 Weapons
Combuster Magma Combuster
Fusion Grenade Fusion Bomb
Nano Swarmers Toxic Swarmers
Predator Launcher Raptor Launcher
Shock Ravager Lightning Ravager
Tornado Launcher Tempest Launcher
Alpha Disruptor Alpha Cannon

OmniWrench Millennium 12

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Normal Weapons V5 Weapons Omega Weapons
Buzz Blades Doom Blades Omega Doom Blades
Chimp-o-Matic Chimpositron Omega Chimpositron
Constructo Bomb Mega Constructo Bomb Omega Constructo Bomb
Constructo Pistol Mega Constructo Pistol Omega Construto Pistol
Constructo Shotgun Mega Constructo Shotgun Omega Contructo Shotgun
CryoMine Glove Blizzard Mine Glove Omega Blizzard Mine Glove
Dynamo of Doom Dynamo of Devastation Omega Dynamo of Devastation
Groovitron Glove Groovibomb Glove Omega Groovibomb Glove
Mag-Net Launcher Mag-Net Cannon Omega Mag-Net Cannon
Mr. Zurkon Zurkon the Destroyer Omega Zurkon the Destroyer
Negotiator Judicator Omega Judicator
Plasma Striker Plasma Slayer Omega Plasma Slayer
Rift Inducer 5000 Rift Ripper 5000 Omega Rift Ripper 5000
Sonic Eruptor Super Sonic Eruptor Omega Super Sonic Eruptor
Spiral of Death Spiral of Carnage Omega Spiral of Carnage
Tesla Spikes Storm Spikes Omega Storm Spikes
Phoenix Launcher (cut content) - -
Razor Talons (cut content) - -
OmniWrench Millennium 12
Wrench replacement
Praetorian OmniWrench
Rubber Chicken

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

Weapons Elite Weapons
Arc Lasher Elite Arc Lasher
Blitzer Elite Blitzer
Combuster Elite Combuster
Critter Strike Elite Critter Strike
Darkstar Fission Tether Elite Darkstar Fission Tether
Frost Cannon Elite Frost Cannon
Mr. Zurkon Elite Mr. Zurkon
Plasmabomb Launcher Elite Plasmabomb Launcher
Pyro Blaster Elite Pyro Blaster
RYNO VI Protosuit -
Thundersmack Elite Thundersmack
Warmonger Elite Warmonger
All 4 One Blaster (cut content) -
Elasta-Shock (cut content) -
Character Character-specific melee weapons
Ratchet Ratchet's wrench (either OmniWrench Millenium 12 or OmniWrench 8000)
Clank Clank-Fu (close up)
Heli-Pack (ranged)
Nefarious Annihilator Blades
Qwark Fists of Justice (close up)
Qwark's throwing weapon (ranged)
Special weapons
Doppelbanger (Ratchet)
Quantum Deflector (Qwark)
Cloaker (Dr. Nefarious)
Zoni Ray (Clank)

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Weapons Alpha Weapons
Combuster Alpha Combuster
Buzz Blades Alpha Buzz Blades
Pyro Blaster Alpha Pyro Blaster
Groovitron Glove Alpha Groovitron Glove
Mr. Zurkon Alpha Zurkon
Sonic Eruptor Alpha Sonic Eruptor
Thundersmack Alpha Thundersmack
Doppelbanger Alpha Doppelbanger
Plasmabomb Launcher Alpha Plasmabomb Launcher
Cryoshot Alpha Cryoshot
Warmonger Alpha Warmonger
Character Character-specific melee weapons
Ratchet OmniWrench Millenium 12
Clank Clank-Fu (close up)
Heli-Pack (ranged)
Qwark Fists of Justice (close up)
Qwark's throwing weapon (ranged)

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

Weapons V3 weapons Omega weapons
Fusion Grenade Fusion Bomb Omega Fusion Bomb
Netherbeast Netherfiend Omega Netherfiend
Netherblades Prog Blades Omega Prog Blades
Nightmare Box Terroriser Omega Terroriser
Omniblaster Dual Omniblasters Omega Dual Omniblasters
Temporal Repulsor Quantum Repulsor Omega Quantum Repulsor
Vortex Grenade Singularity Grenade Omega Singularity Grenade
Warmonger Peacemaker Omega Peacemaker
Winterizer Blizz-O-Matic Omega Blizz-O-Matic
Mr. Zurkon (V1) Zurkon Jr. (V2) Zurkon Family Omega Zurkon Family
Plasma Striker Plasma Slayer Omega Plasma Slayer
OmniWrench Millennium 12

Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus

Weapons V5 weapons
Constructo Pistol
Constructo Shotgun
Buzz Blades
Predator Launcher
OmniWrench Millennium 12

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Weapons V5 weapons Omega Weapons
Bouncer Heavy Bouncer Ω Heavy Bouncer
Buzz Blades Doom Blades Ω Doom Blades
Combuster Magmabuster Ω Magmabuster
Sheepinator Goatinator Ω Goatinator
Plasma Striker Plasma Slayer Ω Plasma Slayer
Fusion Grenade Fusion Bomb Ω Fusion Bomb
Glove of Doom Apocalypse Glove Ω Apocalypse Glove
Groovitron Groovibomb Ω Groovibomb
Mr. Zurkon Zurkon Jr. Ω Zurkon Jr.
Pixelizer Pixeliser HD Ω Pixeliser HD
Proton Drum Protoclast Ω Protoclast
Predator Launcher Raptor Launcher Ω Raptor Launcher
Pyrocitor Lavacitor Ω Lavacitor
RYNO RYNO Xtreme! Ω RYNO Xtreme!!!
Warmonger Peacemaker Ω Peacemaker
OmniWrench 8000


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  • All together in the main series there are 382 weapons (not counting Merc & Green's weapons, V2 - V4 weapons in U.Y.A., and weapons that have appeared in other games such as the Buzz Blades but counting the different final versions of them like the Elite Pyro Blaster from A4O and Alpha Pyro Blaster from FFA), 51 in the spin-off games (not counting Move Heroes or PS All-Stars) and 433 weapons in all (with the limits explained before).

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