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I'm a lousy shot, but this baby can hit anything!
Reactor's review of the Magma-Cannon  [Deadlocked]

The Magma Cannon was a weapon created by Vox Industries which was given to starting DreadZone contestants. It shot a blast of magma energy with each shot and was similar to weapons such as the Blitz Gun, Concussion Gun, and Shock Blaster. The damage increased if it were used at close range. The weapon is quite effective against swarms of weaker enemies such as Swarmers, although it was not very effective against enemies with more health and often drained ammo very fast when it was used against such foes. At level 10, it upgrades into the Vulcan Cannon.

In game description

The pride of the Vox Industries personnel protection line, this weapon is a quick firing, two handed monster that spits a cone of searing hot magma. Reactor says, "I'm a lousy shot, but this baby can hit anything!
―Weapon description  [Deadlocked]


Version Power Alpha Mod
1 60 Ammo Mod
2 80 Impact Mod
3 100 Speed Mod
4 120 Speed mod
5 140 Ammo Mod
6 160 Impact Mod
7 180 Speed mod
8 200 Ammo Mod
9 250 Speed Mod
10 300 Jackpot Mod

Behind the scenes


  • This weapon is associated with the V10 Glitch, found only in Multiplayer.


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