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The Gadgetron Magneboots

The Magneboots were a pair of gadgets found in Ratchet & Clank that allowed Ratchet to walk up specific magnetic surfaces. These were usually ventilation shafts, but they could also be the undersides of spacecraft and certain platforms that transported you to other areas.

The Magneboots were invented by the Blarg, and Clank found a pair whilst exploring the surfaces of the now-abandoned planet of Orxon, where the boots were one of the things left behind (amongst others such as Infobots and Health Upgrades). The Magneboots are required for Ratchet to continue and explore many areas in the worlds he visits. However, because all of the weapons and gadgets Ratchets uses are made from magnetic metal, he is only able to use the Wrench whilst using the Magneboots (this is explained because the Wrench also has a magnet that attracts bolts, and the animation of Ratchet swinging his Wrench is higher than normal, due to the magnetic field of the boots).

Ratchet was also unable to jump as a result of the magnets, however he does attempt to if the player presses X, the usual command for jump. The Magneboots are considered vastly inferior to Megacorp's and Vox Industries' Gravity Boots.

In the Ratchet and Clank 2016 reboot game, the Magneboots function the same as the Gravity Boots.


  • Though the boots disabled jumping and Ratchet walked at half the speed than usual, this could be negated if the player had the Thruster Pack upgrade and used it's hovering ability, then proceeded to use the boots on the magnetic surface.
  • The Magneboots (under the name of the Gravity Boots) made a cameo as one of the unlockable Ratchet & Clank based items in Resistance: Fall of Man, the code is for unlock is C93C 9785 A3BF 7D1C.
  • Gravity Boots in the Future series resembled the magne boots in design.


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