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Oozla surface

This is the walkthrough for Oozla.

After exiting your ship the MegaCorp vendor is to the ship's left. Currently you will have only the Lancer and Gravity Bomb; the Chopper and Blitz Gun will now be for sale at 5,000 and 15,000 bolts respectively. The first thing you should do is refill your existing weapon's ammunition, and purchase whatever weaponry you can afford as soon as possible, as the variety will give you and advantage. You then have two options - to either explore the swamp ruins or find the store entrance. It doesn't really matter which order you complete the missions in, in fact you do not have to complete the exploration mission to leave the planet but you will be unable to progress on later planets without completing it. To explore the swamp first head to the right of the ship, through a metal structure. To find the store entrance follow the path near the MegaCorp Vendor. No matter which path you take be sure to destroy some crates near the swamp exploration route to ensure you collect more bolts for weaponry, and in between completing missions remember to stock up on ammo and purchase new weaponry if you want to.

After following the path you will come to a gap in the path with green swamp fluids in between. On the other side are six snail-like Mutant Swamp Beasts. While they do notice you they cannot cross the gap in the path, either use the Lancer to take them out from a safe distance or, if they are grouped together, you might want to use the Gravity Bomb. Once they have been killed simply jump over the gap and continue round the path. Once the path turns right you will encounter several Mutant Fireflies which will attack you, either use the Lancer (one shot will be enough for each one) or your Wrench and take them out. Destroy the crates on your left and approach the platforms used to get across the swamp - on your left you can see the MegaCorp salesman drowning in the swamp. Jump onto the platform and stand at the end of it (it will not sink), a Mutant Swamp Beast will appear on the land in front of you, again destroy it from a safe distance with the Lancer and jump onto the land.

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