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"Space, a wondrous realm where heroes are forged, a place of peril and adventure, and... and ARGH! I can't do this!"
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Doctor Nefarious was a robotic scientist who hated organic life forms, despite formerly being one himself. He was also the archenemy of renowned intergalactic 'superhero', Captain Qwark, and later a recurring adversary of Ratchet and Clank. Nefarious plotted to turn all organisms into robots and was defeated by Ratchet and Clank, but survived. He later reappeared in an attempt to remake history, where he was again defeated.

Dr. Nefarious started his campaign by creating the vicious Amoeboid creatures and launching an invasion on Blackwater City. After Captain Qwark defeated his "pets" and saved the burning city, Nefarious and his robotic servant, Lawrence, were forced to retreat in a rocket shuttle. Nefarious swore that he would have his vengeance, "if it takes a thousand years!", as his ship took off. Qwark managed to grab onto the rocket and held his breath tight. He clung to the ship for six days, and it arrived at the doctor's base on planet Magmos. Qwark used disguise to sneak into the base, unaware that Nefarious was watching him. The doctor commented that Qwark's poor disguise made him appear more stupid than he seemed. He decided to wait for the captain.

Fighting through the doctor's defenses, Qwark confronted Nefarious on a narrow catwalk overlooking churning gears and machinery. Qwark seemed to have met Nefarious before, but he claimed they hadn't, trying to hide the truth from his nemesis. Qwark soon recognized the doctor as his old classmate in "Mr. Bozell's 9th grade Biology", and reminisced on the "good times" of when he humiliated Nefarious, oblivious to how much his treatment had affected the doctor. Saying he should give Nefarious a wedgie "for old time's sake", Qwark accidentally knocked him off of the catwalk into the spinning gears below. As Qwark made his escape, confident his rival was gone for good, a robotic hand made its way out of the rubble, and Nefarious was forever changed into an advanced robotic being. His transformation caused him to gain an intense hatred for all organic life forms (or "squishies" as he would call them) in the process, favoring his new robotic existence, and he lost what was left of his sanity.

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