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Lance and Janice

Lance and Janice was a Holo-Vision space opera broadcast in the Solana and Polaris galaxies. The space opera was known for being a steamy drama with edgy writing. Lance and Janice featured the titular characters Lance and Janice, as well as an intricate plot involving a persona known as Englebert. Other storylines included Lance's incapacity for love due to a curse by a tribe of gypsy ninjas and Lance turning into a flesh-eating zombie. While Ratchet was searching the Polaris galaxy for Clank the show reached the finale of its tenth season. The show had been running for a long time prior to this as it could originally be watched through old fashioned holo-vid players. Lance and Janice was still being shown when Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious were stranded on Magnus. At least the tenth season was exclusive to Vox.

Lance and Janice was running when holo-vision could be watched on a holo-vid player and continued to air for some time after holo-vid players had become old fashioned. The show reached it's tenth season finale while Ratchet was searching for Clank in the Polaris galaxy and continued past this season.

The show focused on the relationship between Lance and Janice, with shocking events interfering with their relationship such as Lance's evil twin brother Englebert, Lance's inability to love, and Lance becoming a flesh-eating zombie.

The show was watched by Qwark when he took a break after defeating Nefarious for the first time. It was also watched by Dr. Nefarious. Nefarious suffered from short circuiting when under extreme stress and in a temporary frozen state would play a radio broadcast of Lance and Janice until he was unfrozen. Flint Vorselon was also a fan and ordered that whoever had taped over an episode of Lance and Janice throw themselves out of the airlock.

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