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This is the walkthrough for the Maktar Resort, Maktar Nebula.

After exiting the ship walk past the MegaCorp vendor and defeat a Thugs-4-Less Brute hiding behind a stack of crates.[4] Shooting the red explosive crate with the Lancer can quickly defeat this enemy but it may be necessary to strafe to avoid attacks from the Brute. There are several crates scattered around and the Maktar Resort has many breakables such as the lights and screens hovering next to the platforms.[1] There are currently two paths available from the start. One to the right which leads to the mission "Find a way to the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array" and one to the left which leads towards the arena and completing "Win the Arena Battle."[1]

Find a way to the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array

Find a way to sabotage the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array

The route to the right "Find a way to sabotage the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array."

To complete this mission you must have the Tractor Beam which is purchased from the Tractor Beam scientist on Oozla ("Explore the swamp ruins" mission). Head to the right after defeating the Thugs-4-Less Brute. Destroy the MegaCorp Chickenbots using your Wrench or Lancer and be careful to keep your distance from the Explosive Crates.[4] Then use the Tractor Beam to remove the column from blocking the path and enter the building.

Maktar Resort Tractor Beam

Use the Tractor Beam to move the column and gain access to the building

Maktar Resort Tractor Beam slingshot

Use the Sling Shot to throw in the Inspector Bot onto the footpad on the next level

Inside the building there is a MegaCorp Inspector Bot which can be dragged around using the Tractor Beam.[5] Drag the Inspector Bot over to the platform on the floor to open the door. Drag the bot with you into the next room. There is a spherical object, a Tractor Bomb, in the center of the room.[5] This is an explosive object that can be moved using the Tractor Beam but leave it for now and destroy the MegaCorp Chicken bots waiting to the right. Then drag the explosive to the door at the end of the corridor. If you move straight to the door it should explode shortly after you place it next to the door (release the device with PlayStationCircle), destroying it. Behind the door a Thugs-4-Less Brute will be waiting. Take care to avoid being hit by his first shots and then kill the Brute. Then return for the Inspector Bot and drag it into the device in the center of the room, with the footpad in the middle.[5] The device is essentially a Sling Shot powered with the Tractor Beam.[6] Move away from the device to pull back further and press PlayStationCircle to release the Inspector Bot and send it flying forward. You can move side to side to turn the device. If you step too far back the device will release at its maximum range. Line up the device directly at the doors on the higher level, you should be able to just see the glowing footpad on the higher level. Once you have it lined up stand all the way back from the device to throw the Inspector Bot forwards with maximum power. If you are successful the doors on the higher level will open.

Maktar Resort accessing the Jamming Array

Use the platforms to reach the Tractor Bomb. The blue pipes cause you damage

You can now leave the Inspector Bot and walk up to the next level. A slot machine is on either side and in the corridor ahead are several Chickenbots. Destroy the robots but be careful as you approach them as a Thugs-4-Less Brute will appear at the end of the corridor. It can be difficult to avoid his shots in the narrow corridor so ensure you find suitable cover before killing the Brute between attacks. If you have already bought the Chopper it can be very effective in the corridor. Also be careful again to keep your distance from more explosive crates filling the corridor. At the end of the corridor there will be a door to the right. Take the left path and use the platforms to reach another spherical explosive. Use the Tractor Beam again and cross back over the platforms, placing the device in front of the door before it explodes. If you find this difficult it is easier to run with the explosive in front of you.

Maktar Resort Space Limo behind forcefield

The Space Limo is behind a forcefield

Ratchet destroying generators with Tractor Beam

Destroy the generators using the explosives in the "singshot" with the Tractor Beam

Once the door is destroyed jump down. There is a Space Limo protected by a forcefield. To disable the forcefield you will need to destroy the four floating generators, two on either side, by using the Tractor Beam Sling Shot to throw explosive devices at them. To complete this line up with each generator, one at a time, and pull back. The higher generator needs full or almost full power while the lower floating generators need less power. Watch the trajectory of the bomb and adjust accordingly using trial and error to destroy them. After destroying them destroy the crates scattered around the edge of the platform and then enter the Space Limo to sabotage the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array.

Sabotage the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array

You will now have to destroy six Transponders before returning to the Maktar Resort.[6] Each Transponder is protected so you must first turn a bolt crank to expose the Transponder before destroying them. There is a platinum bolt near the space limo but you will need Clank to reach it and will need to return later.[7] Immediately after arriving at the Jamming Array step forward and destroy the MegaCorp Chickenbots around the first bolt crank. Then turn the bolt crank and destroy the exposed Transponder using the wrench.

Follow the power coil in the ground to the next Transponder directly in front of you. After repeating the process turn to the right and continue to follow the power cables. There is an ammo crate to the right before a jump pad. Press PlayStationCross to use the jump pad and move forwards in the air, onto the platform. Destroy the three Chickenbots and an MegaCorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Model before taking the next jump pad to the third Transponder. Destroy the two MegaCorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Models before taking the jump pad in front of you to the next platform. Turn the bolt crank on this platform after destroying the five Chickenbots defending it before jumping back to destroy the Transponder.

Jamming Array

Ratchet on the Jamming Array next to a Transponder

Jump down from the platform and walk around the edge of the base until you see the next power cable leading to a translucent platform. Use the map if you need to; each Transponder has a green-yellow light pointing away from the Jamming Array. Once you reach the platforms jump across and destroy the MegaCorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Models and Chickenbots. Then jump across to the platform with the bolt crank and destroy more Chickenbots before turning the bolt crank and destroying the fourth Transponder. After destroying the Transponder jump straight across the platforms to a jump pad. There is ammo to the right if it is needed. More Chickenbots are on each platform and there are three platforms to jump across in order to destroy this Transponder. If you fall off at any point use the map or the power cables to find your way back to the jump pad.

After destroying the Transponder jump off the platform the Transponder is on and follow the power cable leading to the final Transponder, again use the map to find the remaining light if you are unsure. After using the jump pad there will again be three platforms to destroy the Transponder and more Chickenbots and MegaCorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Models to destroy. Beware of extra Chainsaw Models on the platforms. After destroying the array the sphere will be destroyed and a cut-scene will start.[1]

After the cut-scene you will return to the Maktar Resort.[1] You will now have coordinates for Vukovar Canyon, Barlow. Head back to your ship using the new walkway and then continue to complete the next mission to earn the Electrolyzer before you head off to Megapolis or Vukovar Canyon.[1]

Win the Arena Battle

Maktar Resort Win the Arena Battle

The left path for the mission "Win the Arena Battle."

In order to win the Arena Battle you must first reach the Galactic Gladiators arena.

Accessing the arena

After defeating the Thugs-4-Less Brute hiding behind the crates near your ship, take the left path past the slot machines. There is a Brute waiting at the end of this path who will deploy several MegaCorp Chickenbots if not destroyed quickly so that it is best to destroy him from a safe distance using the Lancer. Two more Brutes will appear when you reach the end of the path. After killing them use the elevator. There will be a Brute with his back towards you. Quickly attack him to take advantage of the surprise and then destroy the Chickenbots scattered around the platform. While you are doing this two Brutes at the end of the platform will take cover behind two lights. Strafe to avoid their attacks and kill them. Their cover is easily destroyed and once they are killed approach the Space Limo.

Maktar Resort climbing ledge grab

Perform a ledge grab onto the first section, then traverses over to the lader and jump up

Once you exit the limo you will need to complete a ledge grab by jumping up next to the ledge. Traverse along the ledge to the ladder and then jump up to the platform. Cross over to the larger area by jumping and avoid the gap between the platforms as the tubing will cause damage. Two Thugs-4-Less Brutes are on the platform while a Dropship deploys more Brutes further away. Use the Lancer or Wrench on the two nearer Brutes and the Gravity Bomb on the groups of Brutes ahead.

Platinum bolt

The first platinum bolt is available here.[8] After defeating all enemies in the area head to the right side where a crane is located.[8] Double Jump up onto the platform and collect the bolt.[8]

Approaching the arena

Thugs-4-Less Brutes Dropship Maktar Resort

A Thugs-4-Less Dropship deploying Brutes

Jump across a second gap to the platform and defeat the MegaCorp Chickenbots. Then approach the Jump Slots and wall jump up to the next level. Enter the room. There are four Thugs-4-Less Brutes below. Two will climb part-way up the stairs on each side while the remaining two will stay below. Move towards the left or right side and walk down the stairs attacking the Brute on the stairs. Keep moving to avoid being hit. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs focus on the nearest brute before either strafing or using a Gravity Bomb on the remaining two - they should be close enough to kill with one shot. The center of the room is filled with explosive crates while there are slot machines around the edge of the room.

Exit the room and quickly kill the Chickenbots as the second dropship arrives to drop off more Brutes. Focus on each Brute as they are dropped off, using the Gravity Bomb on groups. Then approach the arena entrance. Destroy the Chickenbots and crates for bolts, ammo and health (watch out for more Explosive Crates) before using the Megacorop Vendor. Stock up on ammo and possibly more weaponry if you can afford it or haven't already purchased extra weapons. Then enter the Battle Arena.

The Battle Arena

File:Ratchet winking Maktar Resort Galactic Gladiators Electrolyzer challenge.png

After entering the Galactic Gladiators arena the first battle will begin, the Battle for the Electrolyzer. The battle consists of six rounds. In the first round several MegaCorp Gladiators will attack you. Keep your distance and use the Gravity Bomb on groups of enemies. Several MegaCorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Models will be in round two, again pick off individuals with a weapon of your choice and use the Gravity Bomb on groups of enemies. For round three PX6 BladeBalls will attack you so use the wrench or Lancer to defeat these enemies, ideally before they deploy their blades. Round four features more MegaCorp Gladiators, round five has MegaCorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower Models so ensure you keep your distance. Finally round six has a mixture of enemies excluding the Flamethrower Models so keep moving and use a range of weaponry to complete the challenge. Nanotech crates and Ammo crates will occasionally appear between rounds at the edge of the arena. After completing the challenge you will have won the Electrolyzer.

Completing further challenges

TaunterMain article: Galactic Gladiators

You can continue to complete more challenges (eleven in total)[9] to earn more bolts and upgrade weapons. If you find the challenges too difficult you may want to come back later with more weapons and experience. The Miniturret Glove and Shield Charger in particular can be useful in arena combat. For more information about completing other challenges see the Galactic Gladiators page.

Repair the energy bridges

Electrolyzer puzzle Maktar Resort

The first Electrolyzer puzzle

After exiting the arena you will have a new mission to repair the energy bridges. The platform you are on is not connected to any other platforms. You must use the Electrolyzer to activate the energy bridges and find a way across. To use the Electrolyzer you must press PlayStationCircle to flip the Connectors and allow the blue particles to pass through the circuit.[7] If the particles hit a connector that is facing the wrong way you will have to start the puzzle again. Once all particles except from one has been removed the bridge will have been repaired. For more help with the Electrolyzer see the Electrolyzer guide page.

Energy bridges repaired with Electrolyzer at Maktar Resort

The repaired energy bridges

As you approach the second bridge a cut-scene explains that Clank has been kidnapped by The Thief on Megapolis.[1] Fix the second bridge with nine Connectors and then you will be able to return to your ship and head to Megapolis.[7] To return to the arena simply use the energy bridges you have repaired to reach the teleporter which gives access to the arena.[1]

Enemies encountered

The following enemies are encountered at the Maktar Resort.

Visual guide


Platinum bolts

There are two platinum bolts at the Maktar Nebula.

Platinum bolt 1

Maktar Resort platinum bolt

The first platinum bolt

While completing the mission "Win the Arena Battle", while travelling to the arena.[8] After getting into the first space limo, climb the ladders.[8] After defeating all enemies in the area head to the right side where a crane is located. Double Jump up onto the platform and collect the bolt.[8]

Platinum bolt 2

After being reunited with Clank on Endako head back to the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array.[7] Behind the space limo there is a platform with a jump pad and a platinum bolt on top, to get it, go to last tower and glide with Clank's Heli-Pack/Thruster-Pack until you get to that platform, jump on the jump pad and collect the bolt.[7]

Skill points and PlayStation trophies

There are four skill points to complete in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and three of these are also PlayStation trophies in the high-definition re-release/Ratchet & Clank Collection.

2B or not 2B hit

2B or not 2B hit

2B or not 2B hit

2B or not 2B hit (and the PlayStation trophy 2B Hit or Not 2B Hit)[3] requires you to defeat the B2 Brawler without being hit. By completing challenges in the arena you will unlock the challenge Battle the B2 Brawler. This can be very challenging and you may need to return once you have upgraded and purchased more weapons. More powerful weapons such as the Minirocket Tube and RYNO II are ideal to use against the B2 Brawler and the Shield Charger may also help. Deploying turrets with the Miniturret Glove may also help. The key tactic is to strafe when the B2 Brawler is standing and when it is spinning on the ground move away as much as possible while firing.

Clank needs a new pair of shoes

Clank needs a new pair of shoes

Clank needs a new pair of shoes

Clank needs a new pair of shoes (and the PlayStation trophy Clank Needs a New Pair of Shoes)[3] is gained by winning 300 bolts at a slot machine in one go. To win 300 bolts you must have three of the "BAR" results appear on the slot machine. This can be accomplished at any machine but if you go to a location where several machines are located, such as the start of the left path from the ship (the mission "Win the Arena Battle"), you can activate several at once. Hit the machine with your wrench to start the machine. Make sure you keep your distance as if three explosive crates appear the machine will explode. Keep activating the machines until you complete the skill point.


Vandalize requires you to destroy every breakable at the Maktar Resort. This includes lights, slot machines and floating screens. Use your wrench on all the lamp posts and spotlights, the Lancer on anything floating in the air (this is easier with look mode or first-person mode if unlocked), and the Gravity Bomb on the slot machines. This is easier to complete once you have obtained the Box Breaker. Dying or leaving the Maktar Resort (including travelling to the Jamming Array) will reset your progress towards this skill point.

Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade

Wrench Ninja Blade to Blade

Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade

Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade (and the PlayStation trophy Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade)[3] requires you to defeat Chainblade using only the Wrench. While he is in the air simply keep moving to avoid his ranged attacks and wait for him to land. Then let him attack and jump over the swinging attacks and perform a hyper-strike followed by two quick swings of the wrench when he pauses to recover. This may be easier with Clank (as hovering with the Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack can make it easier to dodge Chainblade's attacks), once you have more Nanotech later in the game or better armor and with the final wrench upgrade, the OmniWrench 12000, from Aranos.

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