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Catacrom Four Map

Valley of Heroes map on Catacrom Four

The map menu is a menu that shows the current world map of the planet the player is on which can be accessed with R3 or Select on PS2 and PS3. It can be accessed on the PS4 with the Touchpad - or through the pause menu. In all of the games, you can also toggle through previous maps of previous planets Ratchet has visited.


Ratchet is often shown as an arrow on the map to designate the position of Ratchet and the direction he is facing. Such elements like objectives are usually displayed as a question mark, while the ship is displayed as a star. Areas that have not been discovered or walked upon yet will be greyed out.

Such devices like the Map-O-Matic can reveal secret areas and collectibles. Secret areas are often designated by green, even if they are part of undiscovered land.

In Ratchet & Clank, the player could watch the Infobot associated with the planet by pressing O, while on the map screen. Gold bolts and Zoni counts are often shown at the bottom of the screen.


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