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This is the walkthrough for Marcadia in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Main Path

Once Ratchet exits his ship, run along the walkway until you encounter Tyhrranoids then whip out your fave weapon and get rid of them. Look for a staircase and run up it, you will then encounter more Tyhrranoids in an alleyway sort of area, destroy them all and pick up bolts on the sides of the alleyway and continue up the stairs around the fountain, caution is advised, as there are Tyhrranoids covering behind the corner of the hallway on the other side. Use the Nitro Launcher and strafe across from corner to corner and fire a bomb so that it blows at the end of the hallway to kill both of them to continue. You will need some heavy firepower to complete this section. Go to the back of the alleyway (opposite the bridge) and look to the left; you should see two black spotted walls close to each other; wall jump on them and land on the ledge to see the Titanium bolt. Grab it, and continue through the walkway for more bolts, then jump the bridge and kill the Tyhrranoids waiting for you with the Nitro Launcher. Continue down the staircase until the cut-scene commences, then kill the Tyhrranoids and continue into the shuttle.

Save the President

This is the first Galactic Ranger mission, you will need to defend the Presidential Palace from the Tyhrranoids.

Operation: Iron Shield

Part 1: Secure the Area: Drive the Tyhrranoids out of the compound then defend the area against a series of brutal attacks. (Reward: 45000 bolts)

Part 2: Air Assault: The Rangers can´t hold out mutch longer. They need backup, now! Save as many Rangers as you can. (Reward: 67500 bolts)

Part 3: Turret Command: Get to the plasma turret and blast the Tyhrranoid dropships out of the sky. (Use the turret to shoot dropships) (Reward: 90000 bolts)

Part 4: Under the Gun: Provide cvering fire for the repair crew until they get the turret operational again. (Survive for 2 minutes) (Reward: 112500 bolts)

Part 5: Hit n´ Run: Use the bolt cranks to activate the automated turrets in sequence. (Reward: 135000 bolts)

The Laser Defence Facility

The Refractor will be the first thing you see when you enter the facility. There will be a few Tyhrranoids waiting for you. To open the door, use the Refractor to aim the laser to the small hole beside the door. In the next two rooms use the bolt crank to slide the target in place and then aim the laser at the target to open the door. Tyhrranoids will storm in. In the next room use the bolt crank to fix the target position, aim the laser, jump up on the level and aim the laser to open the bridge. After walking the laser bridge the laser is coming from the roof on to a platform and in front of you on the floor will be a roboticspider. Aim the laser where you want the spider to go and that, which is on the right wall on a spider-symbol and the door will open. In the next room there are several Tyhrranoids and a door that you cannot open without gravity boots. In the next room there is a platform where two lasers are coming from a target. Use the bolt crank to see the target and aim the laser. In the next room there will be some Tyhrranoids, kill them and use the bolt crank to set the target. Then you need to aim both lasers in the holes beside the door. In the next room there will be one other area for the gravity boots and a little further a security wall which will deactivate as you get closer. A movie will trigger as you get close were Al is playing a Qwark vid-comic on the city's security system console. You will need the vid-comic to get Captain Qwark's memory back. Behind you after the movie finished, there will be a teleporter that will take you back to the dropship

Hidden Items

Titanium bolts

  • The first one is in the big room with the broken bridge on the far right side on the map. You need to a wall-jump to get to the balcony. The bolt is in the middle.
  • Second one is in the laser facility in the second room and you will need gravity boots to open the door where the bolt is.
  • And on the third you will also need the gravity boots to walk on the roof. Second last room before Al.

Skill points

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