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Crime doesn't pay, huh? Well I can tell you from experience that being a hero really doesn't pay! I'm still living a tiny room with some two-bit bag of bolts! But that's gonna change soon. The eye has been taken where no-one will ever find it! You may have me now, but there hasn't been a prison built that can hold me!
―The Mastermind  [SAC]

The Mastermind is caught

Prison Ratchet

The Mastermind in prison

The Mastermind
is a secondary villain in Secret Agent Clank and another personality of Ratchet, he is the head of the Kingpin's operations (though Klunk is the real leader behind the scenes.)


In Secret Agent Clank, due to Klunk placing a brainwashing device on Ratchet, he could occasionly set it to activate and change Ratchet, making him into a more evil person who was in control of the Kingpin's plans. The first time Klunk used the device on him, he stoles the eye of infinity and the second time made him cause a prison riot. The Mastermind personality was later stopped when Clank removed the device from Ratchet.


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