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This is the walkthrough for Medical Outpost Omega in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Find your equipment

Your Lacerator is right there at the door - the locked door. Unlock the door so you can keep going. Kill the 3 spider bots and a nurse bot and 2 more spider bots will come out of the door. Kill all 3, and then move on. Jump over the red parts of this room - otherwise, a turret will come out and shoot you. Collect your Concussion Gun (if you bought it) and kill the 2 spider bots and the nurse bot. Then a trooper will come out of the door - he has a rocket launcher, so watch out, Once the trooper is dead, jump over all the red parts of the floor and have Clank get in the turret. Shoot all the spider bots while Ratchet is opening the door. They will freeze when you hit them, but they thaw very quickly, so once they thaw, shoot them again. Once they have been shot 4 times, the spider bot dies. They do not take damage when they are frozen. Once the door is open, avoid the red parts of the floor and collect your Acid Bomb Glove. Kill the 5 spider bots and the 2 laser bots. Now a trooper and 3 spider bots come out - 2 of the spider bots get in to turrets, so take them down first, then deal with the trooper. Now a door opens, and a purple thing is inside - this will give you the rest of your weapons back. But, now 3 spider bots and 2 troopers with shields (provided by 2 laser bots) are after you! Kill the 2 laser bots shielding the troopers first, then take the troopers down (along with the 3 spider bots) Now restock on ammo and have Clank get in the turret. Do the same thing you did last time and then once the door opens, kill the 2 laser bots before anything else, otherwise those turrets will have shields. Now kill the rest of the enemies and climb the ladder. Now this will be a big fight. Again, kill the 2 laser bots to prevent shields on any enemies, then take down the troopers and then the turrets. Now go in the room to have a cutscene play, and then you have to race against time.

Escape the medical facility

You now have 4 minutes to escape! Collect the Crystallix Boots, and then slide down the tube! Once the fun is over, have Clank enter the turret. Do as you did last time, and then go through. Wall jump to the top and then unlock the door. Go through and then you will see your ship completely surrounded by guards. Start by killing the laser bot - this will make the 8 troopers, the 2 turrets and the other 4 laser bots come out to play! The troopers should be your main target - with only 2 laser bots to share with shields, just bombing the place with your Acid Bomb Glove, and then taking out your Scorcher (or Lacerator) and burning or shooting the rest should get you through. As for the turrets, some Agents of Doom should destroy them (or just shoot them with your Lacerator; however, the Agents allow you to concentrate on other enemies).

Rematch - Skyboarder racer

Watch the cutscene, and then fly off to some floating parts of the remains of the Surgical Facility. Talk to the Skyboarder, and then win the race to get the Polarizer! If you can, complete all the challenges to reward you bolts and even an armor piece. Once you have the Polarizer, you can now head to Challax. You can also return here anytime to re-enter Dreamtime.

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