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The Minirocket Tube is a weapon manufactured by MegaCorp in Going Commando, Going Mobile (as the Mini Rocket) and Up Your Arsenal multiplayer. It is an auto-targeting long-range missile launcher which fires fast and powerful rockets.

The Minirocket Tube upgrades to the Megarocket Cannon with use, which could be charged up to fire up to four rockets at once. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Mega Rocket, and in turn to the Ultra Mega Rocket with use.


Going Commando

The Minirocket Tube could be acquired from any vendor upon reaching Dobbo for 50,000 bolts. It could then be upgraded to the Megarocket Cannon with use. In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Mega Mega Rocket in challenge mode for 450,000, and in turn to the Ultra Mega Rocket with use.

Up Your Arsenal

The Minirocket Tube was available in Up Your Arsenal multiplayer. It functioned similarly to its appearance in Going Commando.

Going Mobile

176x208 screenshot - Maximillian

The Mini Rocket in Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile

The Minirocket Tube was available in Going Mobile, named the Mini Rocket, and functioned similarly to in Going Commando, even costing the same in bolts. Its model, however, looked more similar to the Blaster.


The Minirocket Tube is a long, dark green rifle with a tubular appearance, a left-hand grip and glowing orange highlights from inside the tube. The Megarocket Cannon features a scope at the back, four nozzles rather than one, and an ammo magazine at the bottom.

Ratchet would have a grin on his face when he pulled out both the Minirocket Tube and the Megarocket Cannon.


The Minirocket Tube fires missiles with a very fast rate of fire, which reach long distances and have a moderate blast radius upon explosion. Due to the strength of the missiles and its good amount of ammo, it is a very useful weapon. It is most useful against larger enemies and bosses, though it is still decent against large mobs of smaller enemies if outclassed.

The Megarocket Cannon has an even better rate of fire, better damage, and can be charged up by holding down Template:Icon to fire up to four rockets on a single enemy. While this can further improve its already strong damage, it is often unnecessary due to the already fast rate of fire of the weapon. The weapon could be modified with the acid mod and the lock-on mod. While the lock-on mod provides little value for the player as it is already auto-targeting and easy to use while strafing, the acid mod applies damage over time and can be very effective. As the Minirocket Tube and Megarocket Cannon are incredibly useful in many situations, players may opt to prioritise purchasing mods for it.


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