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Megarocket Cannon
Megarocket Cannon
All Information
Ammo Cost

50 bolts

Ammo Held


Rate of Fire



Mega Mega Rocket

Upgrade Price

650,000 bolts

The Megarocket Cannon was an auto-targeting rocket launcher manufactured by MegaCorp and was the upgraded version of the Minirocket Tube. It could be charged up to fire up to four rockets at a time, causing massive damage and devastation. It also had a better fire rate than the Minirocket Tube.


"This rocket launcher has a higher fire rate than the regular version. The Megarocket Cannon can also fire up to four rockets in one shot. To charge it up, hold PlayStationCircle until the four barrels are fully charged."
―The Megarocket Cannon description found in the help menu.[src]

The Megarocket Cannon can fire up to four rockets in one shot by holding PlayStationCircle to charge the barrels.

Behind the scenes


It was interesting to note that the Mega version of this weapon is the "Mega Mega Rocket."


Notes and references

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