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The Megaturret Glove was the upgraded version of the Miniturret Glove. It released more powerful turrets which shot out small rockets instead of laser bullets. When the turrets ran out of ammo or targets, they self-destructed, which does damage on a very small radius. In Up Your Arsenal when the turrets ran out of targets, they could teleport to a place with more enemies to target.

When Ratchet upgraded it to the Omega Megaturret Glove in the Solana Galaxy, it had 15600 power, becoming statistically more powerful than the RYNOCIRATOR, which had 10000. Despite having more power than the RYNOCIRATOR, it did not have the power to kill every enemy (excluding bosses) in one hit, which the RYNOCIRATOR had. This was because the 15600 power rating is the amount of damage each turret could do over its lifespan.

In Up Your Arsenal, the Megaturret had two barrels instead of only one.

Behind the scenes

In the early American version of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando it also had two barrels, but it was removed in the later versions of the game. [verification needed]


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