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A memory card is an external storage device that permits a player to keep his savegames. They are now outdated as new consoles have an internal memory that can be used for savegames.

On PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 memory cards are usually 8 megabytes in size. They were practically mandatory to save the progression in most of the games are they take several hours to complete, and doing this in a single-setting was nearly impossible. The Ratchet & Clank save files were taking hundreds of kilobytes, and each had 4 save slots, permitting multiple playthroughs. However, it was impossible to get more save slots on the same memory card.

On PlayStation Portable

On the PlayStation Portable, the saves are stored on a Memory Stick, that can have various sizes, from few megabytes to several gigabytes. As the PlayStation Portable is mainly a multimedia device, and can be used to keep photos, movies, musics, and even games, the use of a Memory Stick is also nearly mandatory. Memory Sticks are also used, on hacked PSPs, to run homebrews and unsigned applications.

On PlayStation 3

There's no memory cards on the PlayStation 3, as every console has a hard drive. Considering the savegames have a very small size (a few kilobytes, some are in megabytes) compared to the huge capacity of the hard drive (from 20 to 320 gigabytes), virtually a player can keep over a million savegames, which is far more than necessary. However, some saves are copy-protected, but this is not the case with any Ratchet & Clank game. The hard drive is mostly used for game storage (installed data and full games), and various entertainment storage (movies, musics, photos, applications).

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