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Merdegraw's an unregulated planet. Unwanted visitors have a bad habit of disappearing from here.
Talwyn warning Ratchet about Merdegraw.  [QfB]

Merdegraw was a tropical planet in the Drogol Sector of the Polaris galaxy. It was unregulated by both Tachyon's Cragmite Empire and Free Polaris because of the thriving pirate activity on it. The planet was home to the locations: Hoolefar Island, Morrow Caverns and Darkwater Cove. The enormous ocean separating all these areas was called the Azorean Sea.

The primary sentient species of Merdegraw were purple, reptilian beings known as Hoolefoids. The caves of Merdegraw are also inhabited by Heliogrubs, small creatures that glow in the dark when they are afraid, and more notoriously, Pythors, large, fire-spitting monsters resembling the Basilisk Leviathan.

Merdegraw seems to have been the primary headquarters of the pirate Angstrom Darkwater and his crew before the mutiny. Darkwater kept most of his loot in Darkwater Cove, which is full of booby traps and puzzles designed to let only Darkwater pass. Darkwater constructed a telescope powered by a Fulcrum Star called the Obsidian Eye in Hoolefar Island in order to keep track of the Zoni, which were rumoured to keep fabulous riches. Darkwater was eventually killed in Morrow Caverns when his first mate, Romulus Slag, led a mutiny against him. Slag apparently moved his headquarters to Ardolis, which was on the other side of Polaris, but many pirates remained on Merdegraw nonetheless.

Ratchet and Talwyn Apogee traveled to Merdegraw many years later seeking Darkwater for information on the Zoni's whereabouts. Their quest led them to Hoolefar Island, where their friend of sorts, Rusty Pete, started using them as puppets in his plan to use Darkwater's body in Morrow Caverns to revive the deceased Captain Slag. His efforts were successful, but ended up also reviving Darkwater and his entire crew due to a curse he had placed upon his body before his death. With Slag and Darkwater free to pillage Merdegraw, the first thing they did was raiding Hoolefar Island to activate the Obsidian Eye and pillage the Zoni dimension. The attack was stopped by Ratchet, who eventually defeated Slag/Darkwater and retrieved the Fulcrum Star to find the location of the Zoni. {C Due to the humid tropical climate, Merdegraw was prone to cyclones and thunderstorms.




Merdegraw is home to many creatures, being a highly tropical ocean world. Here is a list of a few.


  • Merdegraw Anthropod: The typical above ground predator of Merdegraw, they look and act like any other type of Anthropod in the Polaris Galaxy. A quick swipe from a Wrench is enough to take them out, and they don't travel in large swarms on planet Merdegraw.
  • Cave Thwog: Cave Thwogs are species of Thwog found only in deep dark caves. Despite being called Thwogs, they are vastly different. Cave Thwogs don't have large tails, are much smaller and have only two large glowing red eyes with black pupils. Also that they always travel in swarms, and Ratchet can't defeat them unless he uses the Tornado Launcher. They can; however, be made to flee from him if he's carrying a Helio-Grub, as they fear bright light that is given of the creature.
  • Pythor: Large insect-like-reptiles found deep in Morrow Caverns and Lythoin Caves, they were highly feared even by Space Pirates. Hiding deep withen the depths of the cave, they would pop out and breath fire at their prey, and had good aim when they did it. Use heavy weapons to take out these cave serpents.

Other Creatures


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  • In the French version of the game, the planet was renamed Verdegraw because the word merde is a slang word for feces in French. However, in All 4 One, when looking at the Monsterpedia, the planet is written "Merdegraw."
  • Merdegraw might bear a resemblace to Mardi Gras, a one-day festival held yearly in New Orleans.
  • This was the only planet that is playable in Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty.


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