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This is the walkthrough for Metalis in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Clank challenge

First destroy the Electro Torso. Then the other two are easy if you smash them to a wall

There is armor rewards at every last challenge of a category.When you match with SmasherBot (SmasherBot's Revenge challenge) just run from him.Use the abilities like this:

Missile:Launch at SmasherBot very quickly. Mine: Use once you get (SmasherBot will only try to beat you, so that it will step on it ) Shield:Use and attack SmasherBot until it(or some other vehicles) break your shield. And you will get the armor easy.

Giant Clank

When controlling Giant Clank just shoot the small ships. If you want you can ignore the bigger one. When you see the Technomite Dreadnaught, use your missiles. Then just spin around the boss while firing until you defeat him.

Playing as Ratchet

Starting at your ship, use your Polarizer to open the door and walk through a tube. A conveyor belt with smashers is easy to navigate just by walking through without being smashed. High Jump/Long Jump to the other conveyor belts. Fill up your Weapons because you will be prepared to fight through. Jump on one of the flames blocking to your path. Defeat the enemies from Kalidon. You will see some platforms which you can cross using your Hypershot. Use it to cross and repeat it until you reach to another set of enemies. Defeat all of them. Another conveyor belt with smashers and flames and it is hard to navigate. Once you completed it, cross using the Hypershot. You will end to an arena-like place filled with Crates with a Titanium bolt in between them. There are also 2 teleporters: One goes back to your ship and the other was an access to High Impact Games Treehouse if you change the time (see instructions below). Here, you can break the crates all over again by the following ways:

  • Break, Save, Load, Break and repeat.
  • Break, Go to another planet, Return, Break and repeat.
  • Break, Die, Break and repeat.

It is the easiest way to get more bolts. You can repeat the step to get more. You have many bolts! Take the Teleporter to go back to your ship.

High Impact Games Treehouse Guide

A Teleporter here could be accessed from 2:42 pm until 2:47 pm. (You can change the time). Once you changed the time, return to Metalis again and take the teleporter to go back to the arena-like place and take the teleporter again to go to the treehouse.

Robot War III: Part 1

When Ratchet was kidnapped with Luna and take him to Medical Outpost Omega, Clank left here and he asked "Where am I?" and an enemy told him he was on Metalis, he had to face against the enemies and activate the Giant Clank transformation portal and when Skrunch arrived, he sent a video from the facility that Luna wants to start the examination. After that, he was transformed into Giant Clank and he had to rescue Ratchet. You can come back here to win Prizes and bolts. Starting at the ship, go to your left and ride the boat-like vehicle that will lead you to the other side and press triangle to enter Clank Challenge.

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