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Ratchet with Meteor Gun

Ratchet using the Meteor Gun

The Meteor Gun was a weapon manufactured by MegaCorp that shot out miniature meteors in a rapid-fire fashion. It was an upgrade for Lava Gun, and abandoned the liquid concept of its predecessor, and instead was comparable to a Heavy Lancer with projectile trajectory and much shorter range. However, due to the criticism of the Ratchet and Clank fans that the Meteor Gun changed the functionality from the Lava Gun, it was then changed to the Liquid Nitrogen Gun in Up Your Arsenal.

Despite its criticisms, if combined with a lock on mod, the Meteor Gun becomes a very useful weapon. Furthermore, when upgraded to Ultra, the Meteor Gun gains increased fire rate along with damage, unique among the weapons in this game, and making the Meteor Gun far more effective against tough enemies than the Heavy Lancer.


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