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The Mine Glove is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron, featured in Ratchet & Clank and the multiplayer mode for Up Your Arsenal. It drops mines in front of Ratchet which home in on enemies.

The Mine Glove can be upgraded to the Gold Mine Glove upon completion of Ratchet & Clank. It can be upgraded in the multiplayer mode of Up Your Arsenal.


Ratchet & Clank

In Ratchet & Clank the Mine Glove could be purchased from the vendor on Rilgar and onwards for 7,500 bolts (or for 5,000 bolts with the Persuader). Upon completion of the game, it can be upgraded to the Gold Mine Glove with 10,000 bolts and 4 gold bolts.

Up Your Arsenal

The Mine Glove is only available in the multiplayer mode for Up Your Arsenal. It can be found around the map, and three mines deployed is typically enough to kill an enemy player. Killing three players upgrades the weapon.


The Mine Glove is metallic, with red fingers, a green triangular mark and a green mark on the wrist. Mines launched are homing spike mines. When upgraded to the Gold Mine Glove, the entire glove is gold aside from the green markings, and the explosions of the mines have a green tint.


The Mine Glove drops hovering mines, which will home in on approaching targets and deal moderate damage with a small effect radius. The Mine Glove is useful against enemies that will attack Ratchet in close range. It is best used in conjunction with the Taunter, to lure enemies to be attacked by the Mine Glove.

The Mine Glove is often best used with other weapons if the player fears being overwhelmed by large number of enemies. It is only useful against enemies with close range attacks, as ranged attackers will not come within reach of the mines. The Mine Glove is a non-essential weapon, as the Walloper or even the wrench can be used to defeat enemies in close combat just as easily without the need for ammunition or for the Taunter, while the Glove of Doom allows its dispensed weapons to defeat targets.

In multiplayer for Up Your Arsenal, the Mine Glove is useful when used to defend nodes or other strategic vantage points such as bases, as players can often overcome the defenses they provide. This makes the Mine Glove very useful against unsuspecting opponents. Only 8 mines can be placed in a level, and exceeding this would cause existing mines to explode harmlessly instead of the column explosion. The player only has a maximum of 6, so the only way it would be possible to add 8 at once would be if it had infinite ammo, or if the player got more ammo.

Behind the scenes

Beta Mine

Beta Mine Glove

Originally, in the beta of the first game, demonstrated by the image to the right, the mines emitted by the glove were actually proper mines placed onto the floor and could hurt Ratchet. However, these were removed and replaced by the Homing Mines. However, a trace of the original mines still remained in the final game on Kerwan, where the Mine Layer robots used them as weaponry.

In a behind the scenes video in the goodies menu of the original Ratchet & Clank, footage of the early version of the game was seen where the Mine Glove was used. Here it was seen that the mines used to have an appearance similar to the mines created by the Mine Layer. These early mines resembled the Mine Glove ammo as well, and did not seem to move.

The glove's mines in the final version are an exact replica of the Homing Mines, both in appearance and behavior.


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