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The Mine Glove was a glove that threw hovering mines that would stay stationary until it detected an enemy. At that point it would home into them and blow up. Despite being rather slow, it was quite effective for an early weapon. It was also a unique weapon in that it was capable of launching many types of enemies high into the air upon blowing them up.

The mine glove, used in conjunction with the Taunter, could be very effective. Setting a few mines close to, but out of range of the enemies, then using the taunter would cause the mines to actively seek enemies at a longer distance. If the player had the Persuader the product could be purchased for 5,000 bolts.

Other appearances

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

It did not appear in the main storyline in the game; however, it was one of the many weapons one could obtain in the Multiplayer mode. Three mines were enough to kill a player. And once a user killed three players with it, it upgraded. And was able to kill players with two mines only; however, the upgrade was hard to get without Infinite Ammo as players only had 6 mines unless they refilled. A good strategy was to use them inside the base, so the player getting in would not attack it.

When a player threw a mine, the spikes had the same color as their team to help players distinguish them.

In-game summaries

  • "Mine Glove! Be sneaky and set EXPLODING traps for your enemies!" - Vendor Description
  • "The Mine Glove drops floating mines which will activate when any enemies walk into range. Use mines to set traps for your foes! Or try them in combination with Gadgetron's Taunter! Use L1 for precision placement of the mines." - Help Menu Description
  • "The Gold Mine Glove is a simple yet effective improvement to the original. Your mines will do more damage, activate at a larger range, and can even be thrown father when in aiming mode. A solid addition to any adventurer's arsenal!" - Help Menu Description (Gold version)


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Beta Mine

Beta Mine Glove

  • Only 8 mines could be in the level. Exceeding this would cause existing mines to explode harmlessly instead of the column explosion. Ironically, the player only had a maximum of 6 in Up Your Arsenal's multiplayer mode, so the only way it would be possible was if it had infinite ammo, or if the player got more ammo.
  • The glove's mines were an exact replica of the Homing Mines, both in appearance and behavior.
  • Originally, in the beta of the first game, demonstrated by the image to the right, the mines emitted by the glove were actually proper mines placed onto the floor and could hurt Ratchet. However, these were removed and replaced by the Homing Mines. However, a trace of the original mines still remained in the final game on Kerwan, where the Mine Layer robots used them as weaponry.

Behind the scenes

In a behind the scenes video in the goodies menu of the original Ratchet & Clank, at one point footage of the early version of the game was seen where the Mine Glove was used. Here it was seen that the mines used to have an appearance similar to the mines created by the Mine Layer. These early mines resembled the Mine Glove ammo as well. They did not seem to move.


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