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The Mini-Nuke was a powerful MegaCorp-produced grenade launcher that released a miniature nuclear bomb when fired. The nuclear bomb created a miniature mushroom cloud when the bomb touched the surface of an object, causing heavy damage to any enemies nearby. The Mini-Nuke was the upgraded version of the Gravity Bomb.

The Mini-Nuke was able to be upgraded further to the Mega Mini-Nuke, and with additional experience it upgraded to the Ultra Mini-Nuke.


Mininuke cloud

The mushroom cloud created from the Mini-Nuke explosion

The Mini-Nuke is very useful in the first parts of the game, destroying nearly everything with just one shot. In the later parts of the game, where enemies are a lot stronger, the gun is usually replaced with more devastating weapons such as the Heavy Bouncer or the Megarocket Cannon. However, in Challenge Mode, if the Mini-Nuke is upgraded fully to the Ultra Mini-Nuke, it remains effective all through the game, able to wipe out most enemies with one shot.

Up Your Arsenal multiplayer

The Mini-Nuke is available in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal multiplayer as an upgrade for the Gravity Bomb.

Behind the scenes

  • The Up Your Arsenal multiplayer version of the Mini-Nuke uses the Gravity Bomb weapon model. Also, the explosion doesn't form a mushroom cloud; it makes the same effect as before upgrading.



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