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Cut V2 form for the Mini Turret Launcher


Quasar Turret Launcher

The Mini-Turret Launcher was very similar to the Miniturret Glove. It deployed a spherical metal canister which stuck to the floor. Upon touching the ground, it deployed a bar with a gun mounted on it in a vertical position. This turret fires on any enemies within range, until it runs out of ammo (pre-set), or after a certain amount of time. The Mini-Turret was quite useful, as it could not be destroyed by any enemies, and it does not set off the enemies blasts against the player. It was also useful as it has 360 degrees rotation, and also fired up on any aerial enemies. It was created by the Vox Industries. There was some dispute over who owned the Mini-Turret Technology used in the Miniturret Glove. The Mini-Turret Launcher upgrades into the even more powerful Quasar Turret Launcher which fired charged homing lasers.

Behind the scenes

From files found inside the Demo version of Deadlocked, an unused render for the v2 version of the Mini Turret Launcher was discovered.

Cut in-game description of the Mini Turret Launcher

A gun that shoots guns? Now you can spread the love by spreading your firepower. Shoot mini turrets where ever you like. And when a bad guy comes around, sit back and watch these little guys go to work.


Vox Industries illegally used patented mini-turret technology first developed by MegaCorp in the Bogon Galaxy. When a team of MegaCorp lawyers came to Vox Headquarters to present ligitation they quickly ended up as contestants on DreadZone. MegaCorp has since ceased legal recourse.


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