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TORON IV Monoloth

Ratchet hoverbooting through Monoloth Fields

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The Molonoth Fields were the remains of a Fongoid city on the planet Torren IV.

After being banished by the Lombaxes, Alister Azimuth fled here and used this as a small base and place of refuge.[1] It was there that Ratchet and Alister met for the first time and Ratchet learned of the Great Clock and how to use hoverboots. There was a Fongoid factory within the Monoloth Fields. The factory was used by the Vullards to mine. Furthermore, a village was located there, which contained a junkyard. Another type of life form on the plains were small junk robots that lay piled up until a traveler passed by for them to attack. Old Fongoid towers covered the landscape and the only big geographical feature of the fields was a big volcano. The rest was plains dotted with rocks and Vullard ships flying in or out to cargo junk.



Monoloth Fields as a downloadable map in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault


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