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This is the walkthrough for the Dread Challenge Monuments of Death in Ratchet: Deadlocked.


In this challenge you have blow up three monuments across Catacrom Four. The first monument is right in front of you, but as you approach it, Robot zombies will rise from the ground. Command your Battle Bots to plant the bombs on two sides of the monument while you defend them with the Dual Vipers and the OmniWrench. After blowing up the monument, zombies will stop spawning around it.

To the left is the second monument. Again, zombies will spawn as you approach it and endless spawn around it, but just do what you did with the first monument. If you run out of ammo for the Dual Vipers, you can try to defend with the wrench, or more safely shoot them with the Magma-Cannon or the B-6 Obliterator.

The last monument you may have to look at your map to find. Go out into the large open battlefield of zombies, and you will find the monument in the same place a bolt crank was in On the Prowl. Go through the tunnel to the left, eradicating any zombie in your path and follow it around and up to the monument. Repeat the same strategy here and you will complete the challenge.

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