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This is the walkthrough for Morklon.

When you go in to that Fongoid who tells you a tale of the battle, Clank will call Sigmund for a time rift, then after that, run in there, and this is where it begins!

The Battle of Gimlick Valley

Little do you know, for those who skipped the cutscene, you are fighting the Agorians! I would suggest using the Doom Blades and your Mr. Zurkon, Groovitron, and your Plasma Striker. Kill them all with those weapons (or whichever you prefer). Then a cutscene will show up with Ratchet and Clank talking to Zahn Gribnak. Then kill the remaining enemies. Just then, you will have to fight some Hydra Tanks! Use your strongest weapons to kill them. Word of advice: When the health bar comes to a halt, hold R2 and square and pull back the stick on your controller.

As soon as you've killed the Hydra Tanks, Ratchet thinks that it is possible to plant vines so that when he goes back in time, he is able to confront Commander Argos! Plant the vines, then go back inside the time rift. Jump on the grind rail, and dodge the hazards along the way. It, fortunately, turns out that it IS possible.

Fighting Commander Argos, ten years ago

Commander Argos may be impressed by your inferior Lombax skills, but he STILL wants to fight you.

Jump and dodge the hazards Argos uses on you, while shooting your strongest weapons, like the Doom Blades. Then, hold R2 and Square on his ship when the context-sensitive icon appears. Repeat this process two more times.

RYNO Holo-Plan location

Use your OmniSoaker, then shoot some water at the plant near the place where you fought Argos. Go to it, and you've found the Holo-Plan. It's right in front of the waterfall, but it is quite hard to see because it is almost the same color as the water.

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