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The Gadgetron Morph-O-Ray, also known as the Morph-o-ray or Morpharay,[1] was Gadgetron's failed attempt to create a disintegration ray. Their failed result emanated a colorful ray that turned enemies into chickens. Both the weapon and the chickens made chicken noises. The Morph-O-Ray had infinite ammunition. Larger enemies took longer to transform and the only boss that could be transformed was the Alien Queen.

When there are too many chickens in a world, the Morph-O-Ray will kill enemies and chickens will not be spawned.

Other appearances

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

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The Morph-O-Ray also appears in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal's multiplayer. It turned enemy players into either sheep or ducks—at random. It looked highly identical to the Sheepinator. Morphed opponents, though, would turn back to their original forms after a period of time unless they were killed.

In-game information



The Morph-o-Ray in action

  • "While it originated as a failed attempt at a disintergration ray, the Morph-o-ray has now become one of Gadgetron's most popular devices. Just shine the Morph-o-ray beam at your foes and watch them turn into harmless chickens! Hold the beam on an enemy for a short period of time to convert it. Caution: larger enemies may take longer to convert." - Normal Version Help Menu Description


More bolts could be acquired than regularly by transforming an enemy into a chicken and then using the Suck Cannon on it.

Behind the scenes

It was clucking awesome.
―IGN on the Morph-O-Ray [source]

In a behind-the-scenes video in the goodies menu of the original Ratchet & Clank, at one point footage of the early version of the game is seen where the Morph-O-Ray had a different effect. It shot white rings, an effect that looked very similar to the effect created by the Metal Detector. It was also noticeable that in this early version, the Morph-O-Ray had a much shorter range.

The Morph-O-Ray was featured in a commercial for the game. A group of teenagers attempted to morph their friend Jerry into a chicken and were successful. They began chasing him around the garden, and later on, wondered if they would be able to turn him back.



  • The Morph-O-Ray ended hunger across the Solana Galaxy.
  • The Morph-O-Ray was rated the second best video game gadget by IGN.[2]

Notes and references

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