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Clank 2 I'll just call you Clank for short!

"Mother" is not the subject's real name. The real name is unknown, and a canonical nickname or title which is mentioned in the series is used instead, as deemed the most appropriate title.
(See the specific reasons in the "Behind the scenes" section and/or the relevant discussion on the talk page, if they exist.)

Why they come from MegaCorp.
―Mother telling her daughter where Protopets come from.  [GC]

Mother, Mummy or Misses Robot was a female Space Tourist that was married and had a

Mom Robot

Misses Robot explaining that Protopets come from MegaCorp

female Child. She looked like a typical female Space Tourist except wearing a wig similar to that of Darla Gratch. She appeared in a MegaCorp commercial for the Protopet on planet Damosel in Allgon City, telling her daughter where Protopets come from.

She was later seen in watching Secret Agent Clank.[1]

Behind the scenes

The voice for mother is provided by Carolyn Lawrence.[2]


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