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After defeating Captain Slag in the Asteroid Ring, Ratchet gets an invite to go to Planet Mukow for the Imperial Fight Festival. Go inside the grounds by the fountain. Along the sidewalk, around the perimeter of the fountain you will find all your vendors for devices, weapons & armor. Load up on what you need.

The Statues

Our first task is to find 6 statue figurines to release the forcefield blocking the circular tunnel on the left. It's not obligatory, but if you want to pick the charge boots and other things, you will need that statues. All 6 statues are within the confines of the fountain area, so do not go wandering off with the swingshot to other areas of the city.

  1. Go to the flaming Cragmite statue in the corner first. In the path of the flames you can see the hovering golden statue. Wait for the flames to stop and grab statue 1/6.
  2. Go to the right. Whack all the nearby crates and nudge the detonator crates. Some crates are hardened steel and require a detonator crate to release bolts. In the top of the fountain there is another statue 2/6.
  3. Statue 3/6 is hidden in the bushes right beside the fountain. Jump down and grab it.
  4. Up ahead is a small island. You can see the floating statue. The island is barricaded with a line of detonator crates. Stand right next to the edge of the water, you can load a fusion grenade. Make sure your target ring reaches the other side. Toss it. The detonator crates will explode in a line. Heli-glide over to the island and grab statue 4/6.
  5. Clean out the area. Heli-glide back. Walk down the sidewalk to the left. The next statue is right there out in the open. Go up and grab statue 5/6.
  6. Right next to the decryptor socket, there is a high ledge. Super jump to the ledge. Go right. Across the entrance archway you can see the last Jump back down and walk over to the other side of the entrance. Climb up the ledge and grab statue 6/6

The gate now is open and ready to explore.


Once you opened the tunnel on your left, go and enter it. Oh no, you encountered a carnival ride, named Turning Terror! Do not worry, just pass the obstacles carefully but good thing you have your Gravity Boots with you, so you can walk circularly to avoid them. After you pass that, have your Swingshot ready. Jump, press AND hold R1 to hang yourself until you cross the other side.

Walk ahead until you see a ferris wheel (but not the ordinary ferris wheel you see). Step in one of the platforms of it, and avoid the electricity by jumping to another platform. Keep doing this until you succesfully cross the ferris wheel. Have your Swingshot ready again, and just like the same, jump, press and hold R1 to hang yourself until you encountered another one. Do the same for that until you cross the other side.

You will be encountered with easy enemies, just take them out with anything you have. Go to an another tunnel which is like the same last time, but this time a harder one. Be careful as you avoid them. After you cross, just take out the other enemies and use your wrench then to hang yourself down back to your ship.

The Arena

In the other gate with a purple emblem on it, swingshot and later fight some robots that is easy to destroy them with Ratchet's OmniWrench. Continue your path defeating Drophyds and robots. It's good to buy an armor before you enter the arena. When you complete the first challenge you will receive the heli-pod glove and an infobot. You can now go to your ship and continue, or you can beat more challenges to upgrade your weapons and earn more bolts!

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