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My blaster runs hot the game logo

My Blaster Runs Hot - The Game was a 1-2 player arcade game featuring Captain Qwark based on his film of the same name. Ratchet came across a version thereof during his travels on the Agorian Battleplex, where it seemed to prove quite popular with the Agorians. The player controlled Qwark (the second player controlled Slate McSteel in 2-player).


My Blaster Runs Hot

A screenshot of the minigame

The game was a top-down 2-dimensional shooter, similar to that seen in old arcades games like Robotron and Smash TV. The objective was to destroy the waves of robots coming in to earn points, which added up to both the total amount of points. Occasionally, green, one-eyed hostages would appear, which could be rescued for extra points and power-ups but were vulnerable to being killed by the robots. On the fifteenth wave, a giant boss robot would appear, forcing the player to fight and destroy it.

The "blaster bar" was a bar that went higher and higher when your Blaster overheated, but could be used to blast a beam of energy when reaching a full bar by pressing R1. You could also use a melee attack. Once a player died, the second player could revive them by hitting the dead player with the Blaster (only in 2-player). This saved a lot of lives and time.

A bronze trophy was won for gaining 10,000 points.

The Master Blaster skill point was acquired by keeping Qwark's blaster at a hot state for over 60 seconds without it overheating.



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