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This is the walkthrough for Mylon in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.


Once landing, it is heavily advised to buy a Flux Rifle as there are many Tyhrranoids that are usually placed out of an average weapon's range. To start, you will need to take out the two Tyhrranoids on the ground beneath you. Use a rocket-launcher or the aforementioned Flux Rifle and shoot at the two Thyrranoids and then Swingshot down to the ground. The gate will open in front of you and you will need to shoot down the Four-Eyed Thyrranoid in front of you. You can infect them if you want, but you will need to do it quick, as there are two far away Tyhrraonids who can shoot from long range. A preferable weapon of choice will be the Flux Rifle, as you'd want to attack them from range, but if you are fleet-footed, try an Anhilliator or any other "power" weapon.
Continue forward and jump over the gap, and you will see a Gravity Boot wall. You will encounter many of these on Mylon. While walking, be well aware of the heating grates on the floor while attacking the Two Tyhrranoids which will appear soon enough. Take them out and continue forward.

To make no mistakes, equip the Thyrraguise before reaching the steps. Jump up, and transform into a Thyrranoid. Step on the button. The two turrets will come out and shoot you if you are still Lombax form. Be well aware of this as you cannot take out the two turrets. Go up to the Tyhrranoid and perform the fake conversation with the robot Thyrranoid. Successfully finish, and go through to get to the elevator.

You will see a ladder in front of you. Go back to Lombax and climb it up. Now change back to 'Noid. Do the conversation and he'll open the forcefield. Go down the elevator, and equip a relatively average weapon, maybe the N60 and take out the robots in front of you. They're small but dangerous so do not underestimate them and make sure you are on guard. Dodge attacks when possible. Now, you will need a powerful weapon, as you are going to attack 3 thyrranoids. Attack from afar and use the Rifle when needed. Go forward and reach the large gap with the Dynamo Target. Turn back and on the right you will see a few boxes. Acquire the bolts and come back to the Dynamo to the other side. Two Thryannoids will come out, but they are fairly weak and easy to take out so kill them as soon as possible.

Dr. Nefarious

Start the Defeat Dr. Nefarious challenge and skydive down to the landing site, avoiding all the missiles on the descent. Use the upgraded bomb launcher on Nefarious and whatever you like on the rest. It helps if you are about to level your shield, but can be done without that bonus fairly easily. Just do not waste your shields when he's shooting his purple beam at you, it will hit the shield more often than if you did not have it on.


This enemy has transformed into a giant floating robotic supervillain! You will start next to a Hovership. Get therein immediately and start firing slightly to the left of the Biobliterator since the bullets curve in to the right. Qwark is also helping you in his ship. Occasionally Tyhrranoid Dropships appear and try to kill you, just shoot it down and get on with it. When the Biobliterator shoots out lots of rockets in a circle, lower down using L1 and go to the right, then go back to where you were. You should destroy it soon enough before it destroys your hovership. If this does; however, happen. You will eject and land next to an Assault Vehicle. Get therein and follow the smooth banked track at full speed. The Biobliterator will try to shoot at you with rockets,If you want you can shoot the rockets before they hit you to evade damage. Soon, you will reach a garage with another Hovership, presumably defeat the Biobliterator for good. If you are an inexperienced driver and you crash yet again, you continue the process of locating another Hovership with the Assault vehicle.

Hidden Items

Titanium bolts

  • There is one bolt on this planet. While using the Tyhrra-Guise, before you speak to the first Tyhrranoid, you will see a holographic wall to your left and a circular switch behind it. Talk to the Tyhrranoid, and he will activate a switch that raises you to another platform. Instead of going forward, turn to the left, and jump down to find the Titanium bolt.

Skill Points

  1. In order to gain this skill point, you must infect 30 enemies with the Infector.

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