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An excellent all-purpose weapon for a variety of situations.
―Gadgetron's description of the weapon.  [UYA]

The N60 Storm was a blaster manufactured by Gadgetron. At one point it was referred to as a blaster by Ratchet. It fired single shots at a very fast rate from both of its barrels. Gadgetron designed this gun as a good all-purpose weapon. The weapon become available to Gadgetron's product lines at the latest when Ratchet reached Florana. The weapon upgraded into the N90 Hurricane, but after the scope was added at V3, the range of the N60 Storm was not increased, similar to that of weapons including the Megarocket Cannon. This weapon is extremely useful on planet Aridia, because it could easily take out the turrets when fully upgraded, and had a long distance, so that it was easier to evade attacks.


Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play)
V1 Standard Long 150 150 200
V2 Shots Ricochet Long 175 175 300
V3 Lock-On Long 200 200 1000
V4 Electrocution Long 250 225 1800
N90 Hurricane Increased Power Long 350 300 Full
Mega High Damage Long 3500 350 15000
Giga High Damage Long 4000 350 22500
Omega High Damage Long 6000 400 Full

Behind the scenes

Name in other languages

Country Name Translates to
Italy Tempesta N60 N60 Storm/Storm N60
France N60 Tempête N60 Storm
Germany N60 Sturm N60 Storm


  • If the user tapped the fire button as fast as possible, the N60 Storm could fire extremely fast (as fast as the player's trigger finger) instead of the steady stream. However, it became very hard to aim when firing like this. Most of the time this could come out to be about 500 shots a minute instead of 180 shots a minute.
  • The weapon had two barrels, but because it shared the same animation as the Lancer it looked like that only one was used, even though the rounds came out of the weapon correctly. [verification needed]
  • In multiplayer, the N60 Storm took the appearance of the N90 Hurricane, but retained the name and non-automatic firerate of the N60 Storm


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