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This article is about the skill point. For the trophy, see Nano to the Max (trophy).
Nanotech Boost

You must collect all Nanotech Boosts for the Nano to the Max skill point

Nano to the Max is a skill point obtained in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It is obtained by reaching Ratchet's maximum amount of Nanotech.


The max amount of Nanotech in Going Commando is 80 (including the 10 obtained by the Nanotech Boost powerups). Playing the game will allow the player to obtain 70 Nanotech quite easily, and there is a walkthrough below that shows how to obtain all 10 Nanotech Boost powerups.


  • This is one of three skill points in Going Commando that can be obtained on more than one planet. The other two are Weapon Envy and Nice Ride, which both also involve completing overall tasks (Weapon levels and Ship upgrades, respectively).


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