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Nefarious serves as the penultimate boss of both Up Your Arsenal and A Crack in Time. This is the guide for both boss battles.

Up Your Arsenal

Vid-Comic Battle

Nefarious serves as a boss in Qwark's vid-comic. The vid-comic battle with the doctor is much easier compared to the real battle. Nefarious primarily attacks by slashing Qwark with his claws, which can be avoided by staying out of the doctor's attack range. When his health bar is yellow, he'll conjure a moving energy vortex that will follow Qwark around. Use the wall jump to avoid it. At lower health, Nefarious will fire rainbow streams of energy that will hit targeted areas, and raise pillars of red energy from the ground. Just avoid the Doctor's attacks and pelt him with the Bomb Launcher until he's defeated.

Real Battle

Nefarious serves as the penultimate boss of the game, and can easily be the hardest boss in the game if you are unprepared. It is highly recommended to have the Heavy Bouncer, Decimator, and RYNOCIRATOR weapons. The doctor's attacks can be devastating, even if Ratchet's Nanotech is maxed out. Nefarious first attacks by "throwing" a hologram of himself that will slash at Ratchet. The doctor also wields dual blasters, firing them in a sweeping motion. This is easily dodged by moving out of range. He will also throw purple energy blasts that create large shockwaves upon impact with the ground. This attack can easily be avoided by well-timed strafe jumps. For this part of the fight, the doctor alternates between these three attacks. After enough damage, a cutscene initiates round two.

Nefarious makes a hasty retreat to the Biobliterator launch site, Ratchet must chase after him. If ammunition or Nanotech is needed, now would be the time to scrounge the battlefield for some. Do not worry about the robots on the bridge, as the Galactic Rangers will appear and destroy them easily. Once you reach him, the Doctor will begin one of two new aerial attacks: conjuring a red energy orb that fires missiles at various points of the ground, or a purple energy orb that fires a beam. Also, Nefarious's "holo-punch" attack is upgraded to where he'll create multiple holograms of himself (usually as a desperation move). Throughout the fight, he'll alternate between ground and aerial attacks. However, some attacks, like his holo-punch, and energy orbs, will exhaust the doctor, leaving him open to more attacks. With some patience, Nefarious will eventually be defeated.

A Crack in Time

Nefarious returns as the penultimate boss of the game (though he can be the third to last boss if you collected all the Zoni to face Vorselon). He is fought on the ring of the Nefarious Space Station, with the Hypernova Defense Laser blocking both sides (avoid contact with the laser, or you will take damage). Unlike the last game, the doctor remains in the air for the entire fight. He will first attack by firing orange energy blasts, either in short bursts or a concentrated beam. Nefarious also uses his trademark shockwave blasts from Up Your Arsenal. Mr. Zurkon and the Doom Blades are quite effective at dealing damage quickly. After a round of combat, the doctor will order Lawrence to activate the Hypernova Defense Laser. Use the Hoverboots to avoid the laser, while jumping to avoid the energy rods the doctor sends your way (and collecting any needed ammo).

After going around the ring, the fight then returns to normal, but now the doctor summons robots to attack you. You can use the Judicator or Rift Inducer 5000 to dispatch them. The Groovibomb Glove is useful as it will force Nefarious to dance, leaving him open to more attacks. After dealing more damage, Lawrence will activate the Laser again. Once again, use the Hoverboots and the Kick pads to avoid the Laser and jump to avoid the energy rods (this time he'll send three small or large rods). This time however, Nefarious will order Lawrence to increase the laser's power, causing the laser to destroy parts of the ring! Use the booster pads to jump from one part of the ring to another. After this, the final round begins.

The final part of the battle takes place on the Doctor's ship. Nefarious's full repertoire of attacks come into play. Also, Lawrence assists the doctor by firing the ship's cannon, but this can easily be dodged. with the right weapon and some patience, the doctor will be defeated once again.

An easy and very effective strategy for defeating the doctor is to simply blast him with the Chimp-O-Matic or the Chimpositron. Both will transform the boss into a monkey, defeating him instantly even if he's at full health. However, this strategy carries the risk of causing your game to crash, forcing you to restart.

Battle Quotes

  • "That one's for Cassiopeia!"
  • "That was luck!"
  • "A cheap shot!"
  • "You will pay for what you did to my eye!"
  • "Consider that payback for time spent on an asteroid!"
  • "You're outmatched this time Ratchet!"
  • "It'll take more than that to stop me!"
  • "So, that is how you want to play it!"
  • "Some hero you turned out to be, you are nothing, just a miserable furball who got lucky!"
  • "You have no idea how long I dreamed of killing you!"
  • "Insolent squishy! I should have killed you years ago!"
  • "Lawrence, initiate the Hypernova Defense Laser!"
  • "Lawrence, atomize both Ratchet and Clank!"
  • "Do something Lawrence!"
  • "Now I'm really angry!"
  • "The two of you are pathetic!"
  • "Insolent little squishy!"
  • "Annihilate him!"
  • "I might even demolish that pathetic robot factory that spat you out Clank, how would you like that‽"
  • "There's no room for you in my future!"
  • "Where did you get that RYNO‽"
  • "Didn't see that coming, did ya‽"
  • "Yes, yes! I forgot how much fun it is to hurt you!"
  • "The fame and fortune you've earned as Agent Clank, erased, never happened!"
  • "Did you really think the two of you stood a chance against me? you are just as foolish as that old Lombax!"
  • "Remember when you destroyed my Biobliterator? Consider that triumph erased!"

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