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The Negotiator wins every argument by blowing your opponent to smithereens!
GrummelNet weapon description.  [ACiT]
This little baby's the Negotiator. Fires multiple long-range, high-impact rockets. Great versus heavy armor
―Captain Qwark  [R&C (movie)]

The Negotiator was a GrummelNet rocket launcher. Its front was huge, which required the rocket launcher to sport a shoulder rest so that its user could hold the weapon. Unlike MegaCorp, and Gadgetron rocket launchers, the Negotiator shot rockets in a slight spiraling motion. At V5, it upgraded into the Judicator, which shot three rockets at a time like the Silencer.


Tools of Destruction

In Tools of Destruction, the Negotiator cost 200,000 bolts and was first available at Zordoom Prison, Planet Viceron.[1] At V1, it dealt 1,548 damage and had an ammo capacity of twelve rockets without Raritanium upgrades.[2] With Raritanium upgrades, the Negotiator could reach a maximum of 3,852 damage and an ammo capacity of 15 rockets.[3] Its special Raritanium upgrade was Napalm Cells, which caused the rockets to release Napalm on impact.[4]


Damage increased by 20% of previous damage every upgrade. Weapon damage without Raritanium upgrades:[5]

  • V1: 1548
  • V2: 1858
  • V3: 2229
  • V4: 2675
  • V5: 3210
Raritanium upgrades

A Crack in Time

The Negotiator was acquired by winning the challenge "Bros Before Foes" in the Agorian Battleplex.[6] It had a significantly lower rate of fire than in Tools of Destruction and had an ammo capacity of 8 rockets at V1.

There was an also challenge called "The Art Of Negotiation" in the Agorian Battleplex that required Ratchet to survive 4 waves of enemies using only his Negotiator and his wrench.

  • V1: 8 Negotiator rockets
  • V2: 8 Negotiator rockets
  • V3: 10 Negotiator rockets
  • V4: 10 Negotiator rockets
  • V5: 10 Negotiator rockets
GrummelNet Preview
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time - How-To Negotiator00:26

Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time - How-To Negotiator

GrummelNet preview for the Negotiator

"The Negotiator. The latest in GrummelNet's line of rocket-propelled incendiary devices. This explosive weapon was designed to solve problems in two easy steps: Point and shoot. Just aim the weapon at whoever's giving you grief and… KABOOM! Problem solved! The Negotiator! Available only at GrummelNet."

Weapon summaries

A rocket-propelled incendiary cannon that'll blow most opponents to pieces.
―Instruction Manual Weapon Description  [ACiT]


  • The Negotiator seems weaker in A Crack in Time as it has a smaller explosion and a smaller ammo capacity. This may be a way to raise the difficulty in the game. It still was very powerful.
  • The Negotiator is the only weapon in A Crack in Time to be seen in another weapons preview, as seen with the mag-net launcher and the groovitron glove.


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