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The Nether Armor was a set of armor that provided 50% protection against all damage and cost 1,500,000 bolts. GrummelNet created this armor because they were informed that Ratchet was going up against Nethers, and so created extra protection to prevent his untimely death, if possible.

It provided about the same protection as the Hyperflux Armor, Duraplate Armor and Adamantine Armor.

Nether Armor is only available in Challenge Mode.


  • Nether Armor is the most expensive armor in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus. It is also the strongest armor in the game. Like most of the other final armor sets in the games, The Nether Armor fully cover's Ratchet's face. ​Unlike the other armor sets however, Ratchet's eyes are visible through the helmet's visor. Its color scheme is mostly purple, similar to that of the Netherverse and all that is related to it. This is currently the most expensive Challenge mode armor so far in the series.


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