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Lawrence! I'm rehearsing my epic romantic action comedy space opera!
Dr. Nefarious in response to an interruption by Lawrence.  [ACiT]

Night of the Living Squishies was a play written by Dr. Nefarious. Described as an "epic romantic action comedy space opera", known characters included the doctor himself and his nemesis, Captain Qwark, whom was apparently fighting Nefarious's attempts to take control of time.

Numerous Nefarious troopers were forced into rehearsing the role of Qwark with the doctor in Scene 4 of Act 3, but continually failed when the doctor accidentally killed them with the blaster he was using, which was supposed to be unloaded in the first place. Rehearsal took place at the doctor's headquarters, the Nefarious Space Station.



Act 3

Scene 4

  • Nefarious - 'You will never take me alive Qwark, time is under my CONTROL!!!'
  • Qwark - *Falls over*


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