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The Nitro Launcher was a grenade launcher manufactured by Gadgetron. It was a basic grenade launcher, and shot a grenade with a decent blast radius and decent range. At V5, it upgraded into the Nitro Eruptor, which was more powerful and had a huge blast radius. In addition, the Nitro Eruptor's grenades released energy spikes that worked like shrapnel in each explosion.


Version Improvement Range Power Ammo Exp. Points
V1 - Short 180 8 200
V2 Increased range, Acid mod Medium 240 8 300
V3 Lock-On mod Medium 300 10 600
V4 Wider blast radius Medium 400 10 1,500
Nitro Eruptor
Huge blast radius, energy shrapnel Long 800 12 Full

Official Descriptions

In-game descriptions

Nitro Launcher V1

Lobs high-explosve charges. The Nitro Launcher has a short range, but a wide blast radius. The destructive power of the charges makes this weapon an excellent choice against vehicles.


  • When the Nitro Launcher grenade explodes, the nearby space seems to move to the center of the explosion, suggesting that the weapon does not use nitroglycerin, but another, more advanced substance.


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