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This is the walkthrough for Novalis in Ratchet & Clank.

You've crash landed on an earth-like planet which is currently the heart of Drek's plans. Restock on ammo and if you have sufficient bolts, then buy the Pyrocitor.

Alternative Caves

Turn around and go through the alternative path - which is on the right. See the hall on the left, that is the Waterworks but we'll be there later. Go down the alternative path and jump into the water. Do not worry you can swim, so if you want, practice some diving techniques. Make sure you are snappy - Ratchet doesn't have gills. Jump off, and you will see an oversized bolt, "bolted" into the ground. Press square when near the bolt and your wrench will grab hold of it. You will need to turn around and successfully turn the bolt to activate the mechanism which will open the caves. Hop up the steps and continue forward. Attack the bird-bots here. There are three of them, so watch out and also locate the crates. Now, jump into the water and dive down using "Square." Go down into the tunnel and come out the other end. You will be in a pool, and just walk around the edges to inherit some bolts and whatnot. Jump down and meet some peckbots. You will see another one of those bolt-rotators. But, first go to the left of that. Examine the walls, and you may see one that is different to the others. It may also have a faint golden glow. Use the Bomb Glove on it and you will be in a small chamber with a gold bolt and a few lovely crates. Get them all and come back and rotate the bolt.
Jump into the water after going through the path and dive down. Go back to the surface when you see light. Get the crates, maybe destroy a few of the destructible mushrooms and come back to your ship!

Find a new ship

Okay, first step; jump off (or take the lazy way) down the cliff. You will be congratulated by a few Peckbots and Birdbots. Yes - kill them. Get the crates and continue forward. Wrench down the enemies if you want, or you can efficiently Bomb Glove them. Go to the right and attack the other bots there. Get any crates if necessary and go left. Jump up the steps and bomb down the bot next to you. Go into the chamber, and turn right. You will see a bridge being decimated by enemy ships. Take down the bots and dodge the gaps on the bridges. Go into the other chamber and turn right. You will be on the other side of the river now! 360o the area and bomb down any bots that go in your way. Remember to get the crates. A swarm of the Peckbots will come down, so bomb them down as well - or if you have the Pyrocitor flame them all. Go forward, into the enclosed circular area. Around 3 bots will be guarding the ship that comes down, so attack them and get a greeting from the Planetary Chairman!
The Courier Ship is yours, and so is the infobot.

Waterworks & Plumber

Okay - so you've got the coordinates and a brand new shiny ship, but do not get too cocky. You will need to get another Infobot for Aridia soon, so we'll need to clear that out of the way. Head forward up the bridge, and jump onto the platform that will take you to your ship. If you want, restock on ammo and if you haven't got the Pyrocitor get it now. Go to the left - not the right, where you were before - and enter the Waterworks. Careful not to touch the water here, all it'll do will take you back to the start. Jump up the rocks and onto the small cliff. Two large rocks will fall down and you will need to jump on them. Hop over to the last rock and face the yellow ascending/descending platforms. Jump on, on the right time, and hop over. When on the second platform, wait therefor to go up - then jump over to the aperture in the wall.
You will be in a room with a few Peckbots. Wrench them and get the crates. You will see a few steps, BUT for a nifty little secret, instead you will have to stop. The steps will have two walls around them. Jump onto one of the walls, then turn in mid-air and jump onto the other one. This technique will be used a lot in the future. Jump up onto the platform, get the crates and harvest the mighty gold bolt. Then… jump off and take the steps. A door will open and you will be in a large Waterwork hall. Dodge the spinning blades to the right and take out the bot. Jump forward, double jump, and land on some steps. If you did not the water below is not too much trouble. Right after jumping into the water, quickly jump again and land on the steps. Go up, and you will see an exact copy of the previous 'challenge' but this time go left and then do it. Forget the mini ascenders. Jump to the end, and now jump onto the ascender. Not too much trouble. Hop onto the narrow walkway up above. Get the crates and walk along. Keep on going, and go forward for the automatic door to open. Keep going and a second will open. Et voila - The Plumber is here.

The Plumber

Talk to the now future-recurring character and he will want a few bolts to escape. Well, he's waiting for Qwark to rescue him, so it's better to be trapped in hope rather to be trapped in vain. Anyway, buy the Infobot off him, and he will jump down the sewer. Ratchet will question that move, but he's going to do it anyway, so that he can stop being hypocritical. Okay, it's time to get a few crates and then jump down the sewer. You're back to the ship. Time to fly off to Kerwan.


Gold bolts

  • Go to the Waterworks. Jump on all the rocks until you get to the first room with the bee-bots in it. Go at the bottom of the stairs and do wall jumps there. Once you get to the top, go right and get the gold bolt.
  • Take the alternative path, illustrated previously in this article. Complete it, and right before going out thereof and going back to your ship, go back into the room with the opening leading to your ship. Examine the walls, and when you come across one which has a faint gold glow, bomb it open to meet a lovely gold bolt and some crates.
  • You need the Hydropack: get to the river that is below and farther from your ship and jump in it. Use the Hydropack to go against the current. At the fork go left and continue underwater until you cannot go any farther and get out of the water. You should be in a cavern of some sort. Kill all of your enemies and if you continue on the right, you should see a room with more enemies in it. Kill them and you should see, from somewhere a bit further in the room, a place where you can get jump on ledges. Go there and then there will be some kind of stairs and the gold bolt is at the top.

Secret Area

This secret area is inaccessible. To do that, go to the Waterworks then go to the third room. When you got there, go to your right and do the "Walk through Walls" glitch with your Decoy Glove then, glide down and you are at the Gold Weapons room. You can buy Gold Weapons with your bolts and Gold bolts.

Skill points

  • Take Aim: Shoot down 1 fast flying fighter jet.

Use the Devastator when a jet comes close to you.

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