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Nowhere to Hide is a skill point in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. To earn it, the player has to destroy every breakable on Fastoon upon returning to the planet for the final battle with Tachyon.


This skill point does not refer to every breakable on the planet, only the small, rock barriers that you or enemies can hide behind. There is a fairly common glitch with this point, sometimes the barriers will never break, leaving only one to two rocks invincible. These rocks become invincible because they were "destroyed" by enemy missiles, this only happens occasionally, but it happening even once is enough to break the skill point. These barriers will remain invincible until the level resets, (by dying or returning to the planet) leaving this skill point one of the most difficult to acquire. However, there is a workaround to almost ensure that you will get it. First, Run through the entire level killing all of the enemies, and completely disregard the barriers until you reach the very end of the level, right before Tachyon. After you have killed all the other enemies, then kill yourself. This will cause all of the enemies in the first part of the level not respawn, making this much easier. Next, you should respawn in front of the gravity ramp. Run up the gravity ramp, kill the Cragmite Warrior at the top of the ramp, then before you open the door completely restock your ammo and health, you will need it. Now this is the tricky part, once you open the door, you must kill the 5-6 Cragmites that spawn, all before they shoot at their own barriers too much. A fully upgraded Mag-Net Cannon is advised, because it can take out a single Cragmite while incapacitating them. After you've taken out the Cragmites, strike all of the barriers with your Wrench until bolts come out of them. (If there is still a barrier with one to two rocks left and you cannot break it, do not bother continuing, reset the level and try again.) After you pass the Decryptor puzzle, you will need to fight more cragmites just as you did in the last room. For this room a fully upgraded Toxic Swarmers along with the Mag-Net Cannon is recommended because this can freeze your enemies (with the Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode Raritanium upgrade) While doing damage to them. Once you've killed these Cragmites, test the barriers that Cronk and Zephyr were hiding behind. If parts of them are invincible, you must reset and try again. At this point DO NOT rotate the bridge for Talwyn because this will cause more enemies to spawn. Instead, head over to the green forcefield in the same area, and destroy these barriers as well. After they are all destroyed head back to the very beginning of the level and break those barriers with your wrench as well; single strikes are recommended (waiting a split second so the Wrench Combo does not happen. You should have the point after you have destroyed the last of the barriers.

Another option is to first fight your way to the Court of Azimuth, and then reset the level. Now there are no enemies anywhere and you can get the skill point easily.


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