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This is the walkthrough for the Nundac Asteroid Ring.

Asteroid Ring

As soon as you land, walk forward and a cutscene will begin. Ratchet finds the shuttle to the space station, but does not know the launch code. Then, the Smuggler steps up and offers to give you the launch code in exchange for Leviathan Souls. Which means we now have to go hunting for souls. Check the GrummelNet vendor, the Shard Reaper will now be available. Walk to the right, making sure you break open the blue raritanium crystals. There will be two small asteroids. The bigger one has a Basilisk Leviathan, kill it for a soul. The smaller one has a Meteor Pad, so ride it up, collect all the bolts, and drop back down. Now head to the left of the Smuggler and you will reach a cannon. These cannons will be the main form of transportation across the asteroid ring. Activate the cannon, line it up with Cannon Beta, and press PlayStationCross. When you land, destroy the crates and crystals, then head forward. Kill the Cerrulean centipede, then continue forward and kill the enemies. Ride the Meteor Pad up, and there will be another Basilisk Leviathan. Get its soul, then drop down. Go back to where the Meteor Pad was, then Swingshot over to a meteor with a Gold Bolt. Now head back to Cannon Beta. Launch to Cannon Gamma. Technically, you do not need to go to these asteroids in any order, but if you follow the order that I am going in, you will get the Alphabet City skill point. Run forward defeating the enemies, until you reach another Basilisk Leviathan. Get it's soul, then continue to a Meteor Pad. Ride it up to yet another Basilisk Leviathan. Kill it for the soul, then drop back down to the cannon. Launch to Cannon Delta. As soon as land, drop down to the right. Destroy the crates and climb back up. If you need to buy ammo, upgrade your weapons, or buy gadgets, then there are vendors here. Run along the path, killing the creatures. Ride the Meteor Pad up to, you guessed it, a Basilisk Leviathan. Get its soul and drop back down. By the Meteor Pad is a set of Swingshot versa-targets. Swingshot your way over to an island. Kill the Basilisk Leviathan, grab the soul, and Swingshot on the other set of versa-targets (you should end up on a small asteroid with a RYNO IV holo-plan.) After you get the plan, head on over to the cannon, and shoot yourself to Cannon Epsilon. Fill up your Gelatanor and drop down to the left. Use a gelatonor cube to get up on the ledge and grab all the bolts and raritanium and head back to the main path. Go to the right and use a geletonor cube to get up to a higher area. Kill all the Cerullean centipedes and swarmers, the use a gelatonor cube to fly over to a place above the main path with a Basilisk Leviathan. Destroy it and grab the soul. Now make one last gelatonor cube to fly to a small rock that has a raritanium chest on it. Get back in the cannon and warp yourself to Cannon Zeta. Run along the path to a Meteor Pad, ride it up to the final Basilisk Leviathan. By now you should know the drill. Once you are done get on the cannon and go back to Cannon Alpha. Get the launch code from the Smuggler, and we can finally head over to the space station.

Sigma 3 Maintenence Hub

Hop on the platform and it will take you to another platform. Continue on, jumping from platform to platform. After a bit you will ride by some lasers. Do not touch these, because you will loseNanotech and fall into the generator, where you will die a painful death. Avoid the lasers and walk up the grav-ramp to a Meteor Pad. Ride it to the heart of the maintenance hub. Keep jumping across the platforms without touching the lasers. Ride the elevators up and go onward to a grav-ramp. Jump over the lasers. The transparent blue platforms will disappear if you stay on them too long, so hop across them quickly to a Meteor Pad. Ride it over to some more platforms. Jump across them, do not get smashed by the piston, keep going, and the walk up the grav-ramp. There is another piston so be careful. Jump in between the lasers to a platform. Quickly jump across the platforms (without touching the laser) and walk up the grav-ramp to an elevator. Before you ride it, be sure to grab the bolts and ammo. Also, if you need to return to Aphelion, there is another cannon behind the elevator.

Apogee Space Station

Right when you get off there is a GrummelNet vendor. Run ahead and you will find yourself in a glass tube surrounding a beautiful terrerium, which is where we need to get to. In the room to the right is bolts and nanotech. An alarm will go off and the room to the left will open up. Robots will come out to attack you, so destroy them. Continue, grab theNanotech if you need it and destroy the robots. Once they are disposed of, a fusion turret will pop out. If you get hit you will be killed instantly, so do not get hit. Destroy it with a few hits from your Shock Ravager, and the door will open. In this room, dispose of all the robots that appear, and another fusion turret will appear. Break it and then turn the crank with you r wrench. Swim through the tube, and when you reach a large open area. Look for the raritanium chests, touch the explosive crate next to them which will blow up the chests and collect the raritanium. Swim to the surface to find yourself in the terrarium. Swim ashore only to be greeted by a fusion turret Once it is ruined, jump the ledge to find two more fusion turrets. Destroy them and continue to a flight of stairs blocked by a fusion turret. Destroy it then walk up the stairs and run through the lasers. One of the stacks of boxes has a fusion turret, so get rid thereof and collect all the bolts. Head up the stairs and SIX fusion turrets will pop up. This part can be hard, so use the Fusion Grenade or Tornado Launcher to destroy them all. In the room that opens up, a turret will pop out on the ceiling. Use the Predator Launcher to be sure to hit it. Be sure to grab all the bolts and nanotech, then the next room will open up. Throw a Fusion Grenade to kill all the enemies, avoid the lasers, and you will be outside again. Defeat all the enemies, making sure to get the turrets that are on the high ledges, then climb up the ladder. There is absolutely no way you are going to break this door. Ratchet will turn around to walk away, when the zoni come and give Clank the geo-laser. Follow where the green thing on top of Clank's head is pointing (you'll have to get on the highest ledge to the left) and press PlayStationTriangle. In this mini-game sort of thing, which you will have to do a few other times in the game, you have to tilt your SIXAXIS controller so the laser hits all the targets (little x's). If you take too long, the rock will cool off and you will have to start over. Once you finish, jump in the hole you just made to begin a cutscene where you meet Talwyn, Cronk, and Zephyr. Once the cutscene finishes, you will get the coordinates for planet Ardolis because Clank believes the Lombax secret may be hidden there. Take the teleporter back to Aphelion, hop in, and blast off to Planet Ardolis! NOTE: The elevator to inside is inaccessible after you finish.


Skill Points

  • Knock You Down to Size: Hyper-strike 5 centipedes (the larger enemies). Just go around the asteroids with centipedes and hyper-strike them.
  • Dancin' with the Stars: Make 5 enemies dance at once on an asteroid. Get som Cerullean swarmers to crowd around you and then throw a Groovitron.
  • Alphabet City: Teleport to all the ateroids in alphabetical order, (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta. Cannon Eta doesn't count.) If you followed the walkthrough then you should have this one.


On asteroid Delta, at the asteroid you have to swingshot to an asteroid with a Basilisk Leviathan on it, swinwshot across a second set of versa-targets to reach an asteroid with a holo-plan and a Meteor pad.

Gold Bolt

On asteroid Beta, next to a Meteor Pad, swingshot across a set of versa-targets to get to a small asteroid with a gold bolt on it.

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