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This is the walkthrough for Obani Draco.

Obani Draco is the third moon of the Obani Moons. The first thing you will find is a Gadgetron vendor restock on your ammo if needed. After you decide not to restock go forward and jump across the platforms and defeat a few small worker bots, until you get to the Gravity Boots tunnel. After that section, you will end up side-ways on a platform and rushing purple water. Wait till the water is at the bottom, and strafe will help a bunch! The next part will have fire balls rushing as well as electricity. They are easily avoided, and small worker bots will be in your way as well. The next area has a giant pink disco ball, go down the tube below the ball. Again, there is more fire balls, and electricity and more small robots. Easy as pie. One last purple water section, remember to strafe, and after that is more fire balls, and electric currents. Once your out, you will enter a cutscene with Skid and Courtney Gears.

Courtney Gears

Finally its time to take out the trash on her! She is very annoying because she will make her dancers fight for her, and she runs away frequently. I suggest using the Miniturret Gun to take out the dancers, or the Plasma Whip. Gears will fire pink laser beams that spin, you can jump to avoid them, and later on she will shoot purple lasers, spin around like her dancers, as well as a giant pink laser. Beware, her attacks do a good amount of damage. To defeat her I suggest using the Lava Gun or N60 Storm against her and dodge frequently. More weapon choices include Shock Cannon and the Annihilator.

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