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This is the walkthrough for Obani Gemini.

First Moon

Be sure to have a slot for your Refractor once you go to the Obani Gemini! Once you get off your ship, equip the Refractor and aim the laser to the receiver. Your mission is to bring back up the satellites of this moon. Using your map will help substantially! The only threats are the small Scoutbots and the pool of lava. After you complete the mission, go to the place where the barrier just deactivated.


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The second moon. This place is simple, follow the first path you see, until you reach a jump pad. Defeat them. Then the rest should be too easy. At the end will be a cutscene. You can now go to Blackwater City.

Hidden Items

Skill points

  • Get to the belt: You can attain a skill point if you get on top of the asteroid belt. To do so hyper jump on the highest point. Use the map to track down the asteroids that you can walk on. Look for the ones that glow, as they indicate the general location of the flat topped asteroids.

Titanium bolts

  • Having the Charge Boots will help a lot with getting the titanium bolt. Go to the lowest reaches of the moon, which is the lava pit. Search the pit till you find a tunnel. Enter the tunnel and when you exit try to find a Hypershot activator, and another tunnel with a bolt inside. Now backtrack to the Hypershot activator and use the Hypershot. Make your way pack to the tunnel and find your bolt!
  • After going to Pollux, reach the first jump pad and instead of jump up to the top of the building, jump onto the ledge to the right of it. There is a titanium bolt.

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