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Old Skool is a skill point on Dobbo in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It is obtained by defeating all the enemies with weapons from the original Ratchet & Clank.


NOTE: Before trying to obtain the skill point, you should save the game on Dobbo, restart the console and then reload the save. This should prevent most issues with the skill point.

The weapons that are allowed are the Visibomb Gun, Decoy Glove, Tesla Claw, Walloper, and Bomb Glove. The wrench is also an option (but one of the other weapons must hit the target at least once), even if you have already obtained the upgraded versions. The most effective way to get this skill point is by first completing the level regularly and then going back through it a second time with just the original game's weapons. On the second pass through the level, there will be significantly lower amounts of enemies, saving quite a bit of work. It also minimizes the risk of death, which would cause the enemies to respawn and force you to restart the challenge from the very beginning.

This skill point can be difficult, as many have reported it not activating even when all enemies appear to have been killed correctly. This may be caused by enemies being killed by other enemies in "friendly fire", or the player knocking robots into the water without it being the "killing blow" (this should not matter if a weapon is used as opposed to a wrench). However, some players have confirmed that friendly fire or knocking enemies over edges will still get you skill point (just make sure you restart the system and reload the save before attempting). To help minimize this risk, use the Visibomb Gun to clear out clusters of enemies where the probability of this occurring is highest (specifically the large area before the Chickenbot basement building). The Tesla Claw can be useful for defeating MegaCorp Sentinels.

Note: You also have to kill all enemies in the facility!


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