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Al Clank… you speak nerd.

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Route to Sam the Scrap Merchant

When you land, Clank gets struck by lightning and you cannot use him in this level. Make sure you remember that. There will be a lift in front of you, which will take you down into the city. From here, go straight forward.. You will drop down two ledges and encounter two Scoutbots - kill them. Then, go forward until you see a manhole just in front of a ledge. Equip the Blaster, Bomb Glove or Tesla Claw and run forward. Four Electroids v2.0 will come out of the manhole and fire streams of electricity around. Dodge this and kill them. On the ledge there will be some Scoutbots, Electroids and a Minibomber, which can be destroyed with a visibomb. On the left will be another ledge. First, equip the Visibomb Gun and go and hang on to the ledge. A Minibomber will fly out from behind the tower at the end and start firing bombs. Drop down from the ledge, run back and destroy the ship with a visibomb before it flies back behind the tower. Then jump up onto the ledge and kill the Electroids which come out of the manholes. On the right will be a small ledge with a grind rail - at the end of which you will encounter more Electroids. Go down the path, kill the Scoutbots and jump onto the ledge on the left. Destroy the Minibomber and run down the path, to the left and on the ledge you will see an Electroid come out of the manhole and he can still get you if you are not standing directly beside the ledge. Jump up and kill him. Go onto the next platform and kill the Scoutbots. Jump onto one of the three grindrails and three Electroids will come out of the manhole and chase you down the rails. When you can see the Electroids, dodge their electric bolts by jumping onto different rails. When you can see in front of you, avoid the mines and jump onto the rail that is not blocked. At the end you will land by a small shop and meet Sam the Scrap Merchant. He has been deafened by the bombing and will offer you the Infobot for Quartu for 2000 bolts. Buy it, or come back later. Step on the switch in front of you and a ladder will open down to the platform where you started. You can now go for the Morph-o-Ray or the Gadgetron PDA.

Getting the Morph-o-Ray

From the platform, jump onto the yellow taxi which will take you to the upper city. Once there, dodge the Machine Gun Turret's fire and destroy it with the wrench. You will see a Blarg Heavy Interceptor hovering over the path in front of you, with a searchlight. Run down the left side of the path as far left as you can to avoid the searchlight. If it catches you, it will raise an alarm and machine guns will come up on the platform. Just destroy them and continue forward. There will be many Scoutbots and some Blarg Generators, which you must destroy first. Look up and you will see a high ledge with a Versa-target and two machine guns firing. Grapple up just after the shots cross. Then destroy the guns and the Scoutbots. Jump up the ladder on the left and you will see a long path which is filled with Blarg Heavy Interceptors, Scoutbots at the end and Machine Gun Turrets which have not yet been activated. Same as before - avoid the searchlights, destroy the Scoutbots and if you get caught, destroy the guns. At the end you will see a flying lift with a Versa-target flying around a tower. Grapple onto it when it is close and when you get three quarters of the way round the tower grapple down onto the Versa-target in the hole in the tower. You will see a circular room with four Heavy Interceprtors flying around four machine guns which are not yet activated. Run through the room and jump up onto the ledge. Go and destroy the machine gun, then grapple onto the flying lift with the Swingshot, then on the other side of the tower grapple onto the other one. Grapple onto the third at the end and jump down onto the platform. Destroy all the enemies, then climb up the ladder and get the Morph-o-Ray. Then ride the grind rail back to your ship.

Route to Steve

For this part, you need the Magne Boots. Walk through the curved grav-ramp and press the button. It will take you to an icy platform. Once you got there, jump to the icy floor and the wind will blow you so start on the left side and move forward when it blows you. Follow the grav-ramp path and avoid the bombs on your way. You will land on an another icy platform. The electricity blocks your way and you have to make your way through by jumping all of them then walk the grav-ramp. You will land on an another icy platform but a bit tricky because of the curve. More electricity will block your way so jump and control your way through. Follow the grav-ramp path and avoid the bombs. You will land on an icy platform and two enemies will attack you: an Electroid and a Minibomber. Be sure to defeat or just ignore them. Jump on the ledge and move right. Jump up and you will land on an icy platform and this is tricky because you have to jump through the electricity FAST because the wind is blowing you. You will end up with "Steve McQwark." You can buy the Personal Delivery Assistant for just 1,000 bolts. You can buy it now or later and after that, walk through the curved grav-ramp and press the button. After that, continue and you are back.

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