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Infecto Bomb V5-Omega

Omega Infecto-Bomb

The Omega Infecto-Bomb upgrades from Giga Infecto Bomb. It launched a huge blog of Infecto Goo that, on impact, exploded into smaller blobs. Every infected enemy worked together in a team to dispose of other enemies before turning on each other, when the infection did not wear off. It was used effectively with Commander Bots, Qwark-Bots, Three-Eyed Robonoids and other high-risk enemies as they only altered sides and did not change tactical knowledge and applications of battlefield strategies. The infection lasted a particularly long time, but outright killed smaller enemies (i.e. Scout Bots, One-Eyed Tyhrranoids, and so on).

It had a damage rating of 6,000 and an ammunition capacity of 30 units. It is the final upgrade of the Infector.


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