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Ha, ha, ha! Those Omega Twins went down like wee little girly men!
Ivan Von Shellshocktonberg  [Deadlocked]
Yes, quite ironic, especially since they were actually teenage girls.
Dallas Wanamaker  [Deadlocked]
Yeah, ironic!
―Ivan Von Shellshocktonberg  [Deadlocked]

The Omega Twins were two heroes whom Gleeman Vox abducted and trapped at the DreadZone Station, along with other such heroes as Ace Hardlight and Captain Starshield. The twins not only earned an impressive amount of dread points, but also defeated Plasmaman. The twins were later defeated by Shellshock. The Exterminator reported they fell like "wee little girly men" - ironically, The Omega Twins were actually teenage girls, as stated by Dallas Wanamaker.


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