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Holoshield Launcher v2

The Omni-shield Launcher was the upgraded version of the Holoshield Launcher in Ratchet: Deadlocked.

The shields blocked bullets and some energy beams, as it could block melee attacks from regular enemies with the exclusion of bosses. Enemies who touched the shields would receive damage and take the effect of the mod it was equipped with. This weapon could only release four shields at a time (or five or six when shoot button is held if five or ten Speed Mods were equipped), and they wore out over a period of time.

This weapon could equip the Freeze, Acid, Shock, Morph, and Brainwash mods, though only once at a time.

One alternative way to kill bigger enemies was to launch the shield on them. Preferably called "axing", the shield would hover over the target, damaging them repeatedly. This method worked best with the Freeze mod. During other times, you could literally destroy the enemy from the inside-out by launching a shield into them. If they weren't destroyed, they would be knocked back.

In challenge mode, after you have beaten the game once, you could buy the Mega Version of this weapon if it had reached V10. The mega weapon would level to V99.

One of the best ways to upgrade it was to throw a few in front of the turrets on Catacrom Four or Torval.


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