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This is the walkthrough for the challenge On the Prowl in Ratchet: Deadlocked.


In this challenge, you firstly have to turn three bolt cranks. Firstly, stock up on ammunition, and jump down the battlefield below. As you walk along this open field, robot zombies will begin to climb out of the ground. Simply take them out with the Dual Vipers before they get close to you. Move away while shooting if you have to. The first bolt crank will be to the left next to an abyss. Kill any robot zombies nearby, then command your Battle Bots to turn the crank. If you have purchased the Shield Link, then use it to protect the bot turning the crank. While the crank is being turned, three robot zombies should appear; however, if you use your Dual Vipers they should be no trouble.

After your bot is finished, you need to go across the open field to the bolt crank on the other side. Shoot your way through the hoard of zombies and have your bot turn the second bolt crank. Some DZ Strikers will appear and hover above you, but the Vipers will take them out easily. Switch to the Magma-Cannon and kill the Tri-Spike Swarmers that come over the edge. You should be able to see the last bolt crank through a large gap in the wall of the building next to you. You cannot reach it; however, unless you go to the left side and take the ramp up. This is where things can get tough. Kill the Swarmers and DZ Strikers like normal, but when you reach the bolt crank a Stalker Turret will be waiting. Hide behind one of the red barriers and deploy an EMP. Your bots may be disabled in the process, but you can easily revive them. Once the turret is out of action, repeatedly hit it with the Magma-Cannon. It does take a lot more ammo this time, so if you run out, use the Vipers instead. There is a possibility that it will revive itself and start shooting again. You will know if hear a series of beeps that get faster. Just go back behind the barrier and throw another EMP, then repeat the usual strategy. Once it's destroyed, command your bots to turn the crank. A DreadZone Dropship will appear, and release some DZ Strikers, which should be no problem. You can try to destroy the dropship, but the Strikers will get out anyway and your battle will be interrupted by a small cutscene anyway.

This cutscene shows that a bridge has been activated to get across the abyss. Walk across the bridge, killing the Swarmers and Strikers that appear. Be mindful of the missing chunk in the ground slightly to the left, as it is easy to fall in. You will know where not to go, as the Swarmers jump out of it. Once every enemy is dead, go around the hole to the left to where the stone monument with a blue marking resides. Zombies will appear, but like before they should be no trouble if you keep firing away with the Vipers. Destroy the Strikers behind the red barriers and walk past them to the Swingshot target. Like Clank tells you, grapple onto the target across to the other platform. By the time you land, a Dropship has appeared, but it will only drop Swarmers which you should just kill with the wrench. Grapple onto the other target to the right and walk into the beam of light to complete the challenge.

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